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Week 5, run 3 UH OH!

Well it seems I was worried about going from 8 minutes to 20 minutes for no reason! I can't believe how easy it was! I no longer get out of breath, get stitches or get bored! Laura is right though, it is all about getting your head around it at this point! I feel strange that I will be going back to 5 minute runs on my next run though, but I do trust the programme so will ask no questions :)

Think I have a blister coming :/

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Congratulations! It's an amazing feeling doing 20 minutes, isn't it? Way to go.


Well done! I did that run on Monday and was amazed at how ok it was too - after 5 mins it all seemed to settle nicely, last 2 mins were hard on the legs though.

Pleased for you :-)


Well done! I have that coming next week, It's good to hear that it might not be as scary as it sounds


I really enjoyed week 5 last week, especially that last run. Well done on getting throught it :)


Thanks everyone, I was looking forward to starting week 6 but I have done something to my back and can hardly move! Guess I will be putting it off :(


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