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Week 5 run 3 - hooray!

Morning lovely runners :)

I did it! That daunting continuous 20 minutes is now well-and-truly ticked off!

Beautiful sunny morning - though I had to leave it a bit later than usual as I ate too much French toast for breakfast...

It felt good. Although I have no way of measuring my pace I felt as though I kept a reasonably steady rhythm and was putting in about the right amount of effort. I did have to give myself a bit of a talking to about 2/3rds of the way round but when Laura said "two minutes to go" I knew I could do it :)

Am now a little scared about week 6 - I keep hearing how hard a week it is. Should I be worried?

Hope everyone running today has a nice time :)

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You should be a tiny bit worried ... but I'm sure you'll come through! If it's easy, it's probably not doing you much good - enjoy the pain!


Good for you! I am supposed to be doing my first run of week 6 today but it will have to be later as just had a fry up for brunch! The first two runs are intervals again, so slow and steady will be my mantra once again.....


Great achievement :) That's a big part of the c25k reached and completed. Well done.

Week 6 isn't hard as such, it just seems to catch people out for some reason! Maybe it's because people think they've cracked it once they've completed the 20 minute run and get brought back down to earth with a bump on week 6? I really don't know but a lot of people, myself included, do get caught out by week 6. Try not to worry too much about it. Just take it easy and be respectful of week 6 and you should be fine :) Good luck.


Well done... Wasn't so bad hey. Onwards and upwards for W6 R1 ;-) see you there


Ah that's such good news ! Well done you - smashed it :)

W6 is sneaky but read the posts , slow and steady and you'll be fine.

Chuffed for you :)


Thanks everybody! :)

I'm looking forward to it, well looking forward to getting through it at least...!

I'm just going to imagine that week 6 will be a bit harder than week 5, and step up to the challenge. That's got me this far, so I hope I'll be successful.

As always will keep checking in :)


Well done you must be so pleased. Just read your last two posts and am in a similar position. Completed wk5r2 yesterday and felt had a bit more to give, yet 20 mins next is sooooo daunting. Thanks for the inspiration and well done x


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