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Week 11 run 2

Well run 2 week 11 done and dusted, that was another 8 miles in 1 hour 23 mins again mile 5 felt tired but by mile 6 suddenly had lots of energy. Got totally soaked though cause it was constant rain.

I am looking forward to next run on Friday, now chocolate doughnut time, yippee!

On this site there are a lot of newbies who after having a bad day are sometimes told by so called gods gift to running experts that they are doing things wrong, well you guys instead on negative comments how about some positive one to encourage these people.

I have been very lucky with my running to have the results I have, 80% luck, 10% training + 10% natural running ability, so like I have said I've been very lucky. What gets up my nose is how some people think they are experts and tell people who are having a bad day that they're doing it wrong,

Everyone who starts this program deserves a pat on the back whether they only do 1k or 5 or even more.

So to the individual who complained to the moderator about by last comment here's 2 things I would like you to do:

1, GROW A SPINE, if you don't like what I say open a discussion because I bet you are one of these individuals who give out negative comments. Don't go crying to moderators again, it only makes you look very sad.


If any moderators read this blog and are not happy or recieve a complaint please don't bother wasting your precious time emailing me.

Because I will not waste time reading said email.

If you wish to ban me from this site, then do so. Just don't bore me to death with useless emails about conduct because I will not read them.

To everyone else good running, you may here from me again if I don't get banned but if I do to all especially newbies keep the good work, you will succeed and don't let half witted individual wear you down because these people should know better.

I leave you all with blessings and have fun guys, as for me I will still keep running 3 times a week eventually taking it to 12 miles. Plus the sit ups and other excercises.

I must not forget my chocolate doughnuts, purely for training benefits (yeah, as though anyone will believe that). Lol

So bye for now.

It's chocolate doughnut time.

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Enjoy that doughnut...well worth it for the calories you would have burned!

Going on to your other personal experience of this site has always been very positive, espeically compared to other sites and forums I have come across online. I read your previous blog and surprised by your impression of things here. A lot of what you consider to be negative comments are given with good intentions and from peoples personal experience.

That is my interpretation of it at least, if you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say it at all is the spirit of this place and I think people would like it to remain this way.


Some people have email private messages that's why I said what I said


Sounds like a good run to me.

I've never found this site anything other than positive, I'm sorry to hear you've found it otherwise. I don't know why anyone would want to do anything other than try and help and support other people who are setting out on the same journey. I've always seen this as a rather wonderful mutual support group.


It's a few individuals that have annoyed me must of the peoe on hear are great


Hi Mikey well done on your training you are coming along really well.

I think you are taking well meaning advice the wrong way. When someone makes a suggestion or gives advice about your training it is only that - a suggestion. They're not telling you what to do or trying to insult you. These comments are not negative but friendly advice. It seems that you don't want any advice and are doing well on your own but you are coming across quite aggressive and I don't see any reason for that reaction.

I don't think anyone here thinks they are experts and I haven't seen any examples of people having a bad run and being told they are doing it wrong. In fact I find it's the opposite, they are encouraged to get back out there and not to let it get them down.

Lots of people come here for support and advice, not just to share their running successes. With such a mix of people at different stages of the programme it's a great place to come for advice if you are struggling as there's plenty of people who have been there and done it. Obviously what worked for one person might not work for another and everyone has their own approach - you have taken to running naturally and that's great but not everyone has been so lucky. I think part of the fun of the community is being able to discuss different techniques with other like-minded people.

I hope you won't take offence to what I have said, I think everyone would like to get along as this is such a great community. Happy running! :)


You haven't been privy to some of the comments, sunce some of them are private emails from certain individuals, most are ok and welcome but some have been direct emails from people who don't know the difference from well meaning advice to just being annoying.


Ok I can't see the PMs so can't comment on that. Maybe if you find the comments annoying it would be best to ignore them or a simple reply saying "thanks but no thanks" instead of being aggressive about it in your blogs. It kind of makes you look like the one in the wrong in that situation when that may not be the case.

My point was more to do with what you said here:

"On this site there are a lot of newbies who after having a bad day are sometimes told by so called gods gift to running experts that they are doing things wrong, well you guys instead on negative comments how about some positive one to encourage these people."

I'm not aware of this happening and have only seen positive responses to blogs/questions. I could have just missed the negative comments altogether, but it makes me think that you might be interoperating advice as negative when it isn't?


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