2 you must be mad and 1your supposed to run!

Haven't blogged for a while, have had loads of family issues going on, my sons mother in law has cancer and has months to live, we have been taking care of our grandsons in her absence, a job she did so well.I have entered the race for life in July and have been training hard to reach 5k, why do passerbys make comments when they see me run. Two people said I must be mad, and when I thought I was doing really well some passerby said you should be running!

I felt deflated, but yesterday I did my fastest mile, registered on my garmin at a 6 minute mile so to you who said I should be running go swivel, and to you who said I must be mad, get off that couch. Sorry just letting off steam


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16 Replies

  • Bah! :O They're just jealous. Not to mention rude.

    You'll be well up near the front for the Race for Life from the sounds of it. :)

  • Thanks green legs, that did cross my mind that they could be jealous, my daughter in law lost her dad to cancer 18 months ago and now her mum has it. My friend lost her husband to cancer in February so the race for life is going to be a big thing for me.

  • Ignore them. Wish I could do a 6 minute mile. Mine are twice that! :)

  • Thank you for your comments pamjk, it might have been a fluke the 6min mile we'll see on Thursday when I go for my next run

  • Can't believe people would comment to you when they don't even know you. How very rude. I DREAM of a 6 min km let alone a mile! Good on you, keep running, and turn your headphones up.

  • Thank you lizfish, rude people as you said, and my headphones will be turned up.

  • Also, sorry to hear about your son's MIL. Cancer beat my mum in jan this year. I hope she can go in peace if she must go. That is all we can wish for if there is nothing else to be done.

  • Belated sympathies on the loss of your Mum, lizfish, very sad news x

  • Hey thanks bexbridge. She had been very ill for some time. It was a release for her to be delivered from that suffering. I never thought I'd say that, but in her case it was true.

  • I'm sorry to hear your mum passed away, it's a terrible thing cancer. Hope you are coping with your loss, my thoughts are with you.

  • That's very sad news about your daughter-in-laws Mum, it must be very hard for everyone right now and you're obviously all pulling together.

    Race for Life has an even greater importance to you this year and you're doing yourself proud! A 6 minute mile is fantastic, you're going to smash it come race day! Think your passer-by commentators are extremely rude, more so if you don't know them. Either a) ignore them, you know you're doing brilliantly or b) shout back with a polite smile on your face telling them to stick it up their you-know-what.

    Good luck :-) x

  • Maybe I could give the finger, as they were rude to me. Hey probably never see them again anyhow, thankyou for your kind words.

  • Sorry to hear about your son's MIL, a difficult time for you all but it sounds as if you're all doing your bit as a family. As for the rude and ignorant comments, "go swivel' is about right. You are doing a mile in 6 minutes that's absolutely brill and much better than I, for one, could do. Why do people feel they can make such negative comments? Clearly none of them were runners and probably couldn't do anything in the realm of what you've achieved.

    We're all with you, please keep in touch and let off steam here if you need to. Sue x

  • Thankyou soozz, I may be on hear again soon to let off more steam. My next run is Thursday, hope I don't see anyone. Will blog again soon x

  • so sad...cancer is so hard, and all around us too....I feel fo you, hang in there.

    As for the idiots, I would swear at them and shout ( but thats me)...have confidence in your abilities, blimey you are so able with a 6 min mile!! I think they are jealous, and probably have nothing better to do. Funnily enough I was talking to my beautiful 8 year old tonight about what to say to bullies...so hard as adults too....hang in there, hold your head high and ignore them ( perhaps a sly v's up for good measure!)


  • It's ok to let off steam! Some people are so rude. Makes you wonder if they were born rude or did they go to college to learn it. Rise above it and carry on! I agree with juicyju BUT perhaps not even a sly v's, maybe a full blown double one! Sorry, I should not lead you astray. They'll be dragging me in for inciting public disorder next! the quickest way to deflate them is to agree with them and then carry on! GOOD ON YOU!

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