Week 4 run 2 - the halfway point!

Hello all,

I am incredibly proud of myself this week.

I had a staff training day on Friday, which I was dreading. I was also going to London to visit the mother-in-law that evening and didn't want the hassle of having to carry around an extra change of clothes to go for my Week4Run1 run in the evening, so the only thing left was to run before I went to school for the training day.

Now, I am absolutely NOT a morning person. I grumble and click the snooze button (multiple times). Some days I have to actually tell myself to get out of bed before I do it, and even then it's a challenge. Plus on staff training days I usually have a bit of a lie-in because it's not such a big deal if I'm a few minutes late into the main hall.

It was incredibly windy out there, and it wasn't always easy, but I felt so amazed and proud of myself when Laura told me at the end of the podcast that I'd ran for a total of 16 minutes. That's double what I was doing in Week 1! I was so pleased with myself and after the cool-down I went home to shower and get ready for the day. Today I completed Week4Run2 and feel great.

I initially started Couch25K because I wanted to get fitter, more toned and to possibly help me to lose some weight. I never actually thought that I'd begin to enjoy running, that the evenings when I put on my trainers are the ones I enjoy most. I had a feeling that maybe my sister might turn out to be right when she laughed at me when I shared my New Year's Resolution with her (to complete Couch25K). I've been on Citalopram since May last year for depression and anxiety, but when I last visited my GP at the tail-end of Week 2, we agreed to start gradually weaning me off the meds because my mood has improved so much. I feel like I'm accomplishing something every time I run. I've never once given up on myself. This community has been a part in this, too - without the lovely encouraging comments from graduates and newbies alike I think this process would have been much more challenging.

So, even though I'm only halfway through, I just wanted to give a big 'thank you' to those of you who're rooting for me =]


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12 Replies

  • Very well done and keep it up, it's great to hear that running is making you feel better, you're doing great :)

  • Thank you! I'm a bit nervous about the big jump at the end of Week 5 coming up, but hopefully I can handle it =]

  • What a lovely post! I think a lot of us have been taken by surprise at how this running bug takes over our lives! I have also found it has helped my emotional wellbeing massively and I'm sure you will continue to do so. Good luck with the rest of the programme!

  • Thank you for your kind words! I think it's such a good thing and very accessible for an exercise-phobe like myself =]

  • That's a great acheivement, Well done😊I managed to come off my tabs after a few months of starting c25k and I'm sure the running has helped keep me mostly stress free. Good luck with the next few weeks, with that determined attitude you'll do well 😆

  • Well done! I know how hard it is to get out of bed and run especially when it's cold and dark but once you do it you feel so much better for it! Don't worry about the end of week 5 you'll be more than ready for it and just think how amazing you'll feel when you complete that week. Happy running! 😊

  • Well done you. I think they should rename it to c25k bug! Running seems to be quite addictive! Personally the best run's are when you are not feeling 100% ,the sense of achievement is much better also the high you have after completing it.

    What makes it extra special is being able to jump onto the forum and share it with others. Keep going and keep posting,like you said you are already half way there!

  • Well done. This community really is a big help for encouraging all sorts of people to carry on with the running which in turn gives you a sense of achievement and makes you feel better about yourself. You can do it !

  • Well done! I finished week 4 today and like you feel so much better since starting the plan. I'm sleeping better and feeling a lot more chilled and less anxious so has been fab for my mental wellbeing.

    Roll on week 5 😳😂

  • Fantastic yamiskoi, you are doing really well and sound like you are enjoying it too. Well done, keep going :)

  • Yay! Well done Yamiskoi, half way to graduation AND we've turned you into a morning person :-)

    So pleased that the running is improving your mood, too. Take it slowly, and anticipate the exhilaration that you'll feel when you graduate (and prove your sister wrong).

  • Half way through since Christmas? Reall really good! All those endorphins coursing through your system will make you feel good too, added to that the sense of achievement and you'll be well on the way to good health.

    Be warned: some runs are ridiculously hard for no reason. Ignore them; it'll be better the next time so don't ever be disheartened and recall how you feel now!

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