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The invisible cheerleaders

Who are the invisible cheerleaders?? You of course!

I have literally just come back from a really bad run where i could not find my pace and also my ankle is aching :-( I'm on w5r2 and even though I completed it, I struggled. The only thing that kept me going was knowing that it is possible as testamount by all the runners on this site :-)

I have come back and logged on straight away. One of the blogs I have read today is about a woman who is overweight(her words) and an ex fitness phone who had struggled with week 1 all those weeks ago and she has just graduated!!! Yay :-) I read her blog and was in tears reading it. I have never met the woman (not to my knowledge) but I felt immense pride in her achievement.

Her blog and others like it have given me new hope and determination. I will rest my aching ankle rest of today and tomorrow and then I'm going to sock it to w5r3!!!

Everyone should be proud of getting themselves off that couch and making the effort to do something about their lives. We should all pat ourselves on the back and remember if we are having a bad run then you can almost hear the invisible cheerleaders saying "go on, you can do it!! (Pom pom's are optional) ;-)

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Of course we can do it and with all the support we have on here its a positive. For some it may take a little longer but that doesn't matter you just do it in your time. Well done on finishing give yourself a pat on the back. The next run you may well find to be any easy one but its all about trying, if we don't try we don't succeed thats for sure. Good luck and enjoy it :)


I think I have been doing this 9 week program for 12 weeks at the moment. If the people here had not been so supportive I would have given up by now. Some of the extra time was illness, some was repeating runs, all that mattered was I went back out and continued.

I am on Week 8 run 1 tonight, you wouldnt believe how happy I am to tell people that :)

W5 r3 is a good run, and you are doing so well to have gotten that far. Keep positive, we know you can do it.

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Lovely blog, I will be waving my pom poms on your next run ;)

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Lovely post, Benmum...and good on you for completing a difficult run. Isn't it grand to be able to come back and "talk" to people who know exactly how you feel?

Good running to you...you are doing super!


You are not alone, i had a bad run whilst completing the program, during the heatwave, yes we did have one! ive also had a few bad ones since graduating, in fact last Saturday walked more than i ran due to bad knees,

Rest up, then go for it, you can do it


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