Couch to 5K

Sorry Laura.....Thanks Adele!!

I abandoned Laura on my w7r2 session this morning - the music just wasn't doing it for me this week. She was still in my head though, at the usual points.

I struggled to get out of bed and start running this morning, but thanks to several musicians but primarily Adele I was running along and, if not actually singing along, I was mouthing and doing appropriate arm movements.

So glad I am on a treadmill and not at risk of being seen and getting sectioned!!!

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Lol - I often sing as I am running along, when I have the breath that is! Hate to think what I sound like :)


I am going to try this on my next run W7R3 as I am also finding the music a bit non tempo. I have followed the advice from others on this site and have installed the app, so hopefully this will add a bit of omph to my next run............Not tried the singing out loud part yet though but time will tell if I start playing my own tunes!!


Same run for me this morning, and I have to admit I abandoned Laura, as well - as much as I love her, the week 7 music was just too dire to listen to 3 times!


So will we all graduate together? how exciting!! yay! blimey I sound confident!!


Good choice for music but not sure if I would have the breath left to sing along though!! Only a few runs left and we will all be graduates and we can always listen to our own music, happy days.


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