Week 9 run 2 ditched Laura!...sorry

I love Laura..honestly! she has been there for me throughout all my previous runs for which I am forever grateful as she's kept me going and I have enjoyed the music but I wanted to try a run with my own music for a change. I chose Sarah Millican as my trainer and uploaded some of my favourite songs to my phone. I decided to go just before it got dark. I went to the usual place along the cycle path. It was quite cool which was lovely, the sea looked gray and a little stormy, really beautiful. I love running along there. So I headed off and got thoroughly immersed into the music that the first five and ten minutes flew by. The halfway mark came so I turned around and headed back, it was getting quite dark so I probably should have set off a bit earlier but the run went by so fast. The combination of a late/early evening run without the sun beating down on me and my favourite tunes playing was perfect. I really enjoyed it . I don't know how far I ran as I forgot my pedometer but it seemed to be about the same as usual. Just slow and steady..but enjoyable :)


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  • Well done debze :)

    You are now just one single run away from graduating! :) Your running route sounds really nice. A far cry from my industrial or housing estates! :D

    I understand your reason for listening to your own favourite songs. I must admit I was tempted to ditch Laura, but in the end that was the last thing on my mind, so I just ran with it! (See what I did there? ;) Hehe).

    I am slightly confused what you said about choosing Sarah Millican as your trainer though. Erm...I thought she was a comedian? Can you enlighten me please?

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to your final post very soon I hope! x

  • I use the NHS app for C25k and you chose your "trainer" or the little voice telling you what to do. I chose Sarah Millican too. Love it when she says "you've done well flower" lol

  • Thank you! :) and yep..I got the pun lol The link for the NHS app is here itunes.apple.com/gb/app/one... I don't have an iphone but I downloaded it onto my phone in the play store. It's quite good because she still says all the same things as Laura does and at the same times but it plays your own music in the running intervals :) I do like my running route but sometimes a change would be nice too x

  • Ah, ok. I'm with ya. I might look into that...I like Sarah Millican. :) x

  • Sounds like an excellent run debze Well done you! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸ»πŸŽ“ on your way, nearly there!

  • Thankyou! :)

  • Wait... C25K comes with music? Not that I want it but my original version was just Laura and me and whatever I had playing on my phone (generally audiobooks rather than music).

    One broken phone and a change of operating system later I too ran for the first time with Sarah Millican the other day, she's perky without it being too perky, isn't she?

  • But does she give you cake when you graduate ? :)

  • Hi Maddee_6333

    The podcast rather than the app has Laura with music. It's a love or hate relationship from what I gather on this forum with regard the music. Personally I liked it, and particularly when Julie also joined Laura and I on our run.


  • I see, thanks for that I've been looking ahead to the 5K+ stuff and when I've clicked the links they've all had music, so maybe it's the same with that app too? I'll have to investigate further, I'm not sure I can run with music...

  • Why not try one week with Laura and music to see what you think maybe?

  • Maybe... though I actually find it hard to have music as a background noise for long - it makes it hard for me to concentrate. But it might be different when I'm running.

  • I had Laura and her music playing with the podcast but just fancied a change. I really don't think I could run without music now. My phone went off once and it was awful just listening to me puffing and panting away while I was running lol

  • Well done. You do whatever gets you there. Jealous of your run along coast .

  • Thank you! Only downside is that I have to drive there..although it's only a couple of minutes drive really but too far to walk lol

  • I've been thinking of doing something to change the music since week 8. I think before that all I could hear was my voice in my head saying, "just keep going!" Now I'm in week 9 and the music is becoming even more annoying, but I feel committed to my relationship with Laura. I'm torn but think I have to stick it out until the end!

  • Pity we can only have one badge to our names. I reckon there'd be a lot of takers for one to mark membership of the very special club of Laura podcast graduates.

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