10k done despite the gremlin on my shoulder

I had decided today that I wanted to do 10k to prove to myself that I could (bit like getting that first 5k under your belt) and I adopted a strategy of running and some walking.

However, during the first 4.5k which was mainly up hill (long long incline rather than short and sharp) I started to compose this blog in my head and it had started off with 'I don't think this running lark is for me'! My gremlin kept telling me to give up and turn around and I so nearly listened to him but kept telling myself just get to the next lamppost / traffic lights. So ha! Mr Gremlin I won today!!! Pleased to say that on the return leg (mainly down hill) that I could run for further and enjoyed it! So there is a plus to going up hill first!!!

It wasn't quick but I now have a time to beat (77 and a half minutes) so hopefully by the time my 10k race comes along in about 6 weeks I will have been able to knock something of that!

Off for a hot showher followed by a bacon buttie...I deserve it!


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20 Replies

  • I knew you could do it! Well done, that's another goal you can tick off the list :) It's all about the mind-games isn't it?!

  • Thanks Theresa., It definatley is mind games and today I won.

    Next goals are to improve the times for both 5k and 10k don't think I want to go any further!

  • Fantastic, had a similar experience too this morning, tired legs before I started, up a gentle incline, had to give myself a very stern talking to to keep going! Well done you :-)

  • Well done for keeping going! It's tough isn't it? I keep thinking the mind games are going to get easier but they don't seem to be at the mo

  • Congratulations, that is quite a substantial achievement. Very pleased and in admiration of you.

  • Thank you

  • Congratulations, that is so inspiring. I love the thought of the bacon buttie reward!

  • it was very tasty!

  • Aaahhhh I just knew you could do it, well done. When that gremlin starts speaking to you in future just set an image of a wasp in your mind and flick it off your shoulder, pests that they are!!

    Don't think too much about knocking off time from your 10K just yet cos that in my mind would be a mistake, because its a longhaul run I think my mindset is just getting a few under my belt to be comfortable with the distance. I still have to try and do a second one and I was holding back to give myself time to relax again before having another go. You have plenty of time to get another few in before your race. Congratulations, job well done Ali.

  • Thanks Oldgirl. Think you are right in the short term it's about doing a few more rather than going faster.

    This week I'm going to do run club and Park run as not been for a while. Then as long as don't ache to much after running club do a shorter faster one on Thursday. This is the one I had to miss this week as legs very sore..

    Good luck with your next go at 10k

  • Well done Ali! Another box ticked! It's hard to keep going when that negativity sets in but great when you push through it.

  • Well done ! I always think the first 10-15 minutes are the toughest, I find them mentally more of an effort than the end of the run when I'm tired - by then, I think "I've got this far so I'm damn well going to finish!" Even in the photos from my 10k race last week I look far more strained in the earlier photos than I do later on !

    If you do some interval and fartlek training on days when you're not doing a long run, they should eventually help with your speed over the 10k. At the moment, I just tell myself to be careful with pacing myself to make sure I can finish, I think if I set off telling myself I have to run faster, I'd probably struggle at the end.

  • They are definaltey the toughest and even worse when going up hill. I think I'll look for a different route next time.

    I agree it's all about finishing!

  • Wow that is very impressive well done!! I'm just happy to stick with 5Ks for the time being, but I will be registering tomorrow for the Manchester 10K in May, which gives me something to work for.

    Hope you enjoyed that bacon buttie ;)

  • I did Minuette it was scrumy.

    I think that's a good goal and gives you plenty of time to train. Once I've done my first one I think I'll look for a few more to sign up for so I've got something to aim for (bettering my time)..10k is the max I want to do.

  • Be careful what you say Ali, I made the bold statement that I would always be happy with 5K runs!! Took me less than 2 months to have to eat my words ;) Ahhh but its all good fun.

  • I had said the same Oldgirl but there is a lot of difference in upping to 10k than half marathon.... If I ever lose my mind remind me of this comment!

  • I will ;)

  • Very heavy, gremlins. You don't want to run with one of them on your shoulder. Ditch it at the first opportunity, with lots of shouting and kicking. I promise you, it won't come back! The men in white coats might, but you'll be able to run away from them without the weight of the gremlin on your shoulder.

    But it's good to see you attacking 10K. I think most of us, having done 5K, want to do more. You know all the mantras by now; just keep on keepin on, it's 50% physical & 100% mental etc etc. And you now know you can do it so just keep chipping away at it. Great stuff, well done.

  • Thanks oldned!

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