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Well the new shoes definitely helped but I really struggled even though I went out in the best of spirits. The second 5 minute run was a real challenge and got very close to stopping when Laura chirped up with her jolly "keep going only 1 minute to go" - how can 60 seconds seem so long? Anyway, the important thing is that I did it. I have had a sneaky listen to what happens in W5R1 and four 5 minute runs may be rather tough but Iwill give it a try next week and see what happens. I am over the half way mark now which is great and will enjoy my recovery time, thats for sure ;)

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Keep shaking!


Well done, shaky!! Welcome to W5!! Some runs and some weeks are struggles. It is important to realize something with this program, though. Don't fall victim to thinking that it will get easier as you go along. Remember that with each week, you are being challenged more. To compare weeks is like comparing the old apples and oranges. The challenges each week are what provide the progress for us. While it may not seem any easier, WE ARE GETTING BETTER AT IT. You are running longer and farther!!! Please, keep that in mind as the weeks progress.

Again, I have to remind you...YOU CAN DO THIS...YOU WILL DO THIS!!!

Enjoy your rest days, they are marvelous!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



very well done shakeylegs! you've done brilliant.

I know exactly what you mean about the 60 seconds seeming soooooo long!! but you did it and after your well earned rest day, you'll be back to tackle w5.

keeeeeeep running!!

Ali :-)


And now I'm following you!

Well done on completing Week 4, I start it (again) on Saturday.


Oh dear ....all on hold this end as have done something to my leg with all this running - I am in agony from knee to ankle on right leg and have not slept for a week! Doctor says it may be a trapped nerve - blast...was so enthusiastic about week 5 too. Keep going and hopefully catch you up again but the pain is too horrid at the moment so will give it a week or so and see what happens. How was Ireland? Hope you both had a fab Christmas and drunken new year!


Hi Shakers, sorry but I've just seen this after thinking to myself for the last couple of days, where is the fecker?. I then did a search directly on your name and here I am.

Gutted for you re the injury, as you know my back fecked up and while I was at home and while I was annoyed about it, I at least had the distraction of being on holiday and the festive season. Then I had an issue with my groin at the weekend and felt I shouldn't run yesterday and it really bit deep as I was thinking I'd be off for a while, as it happened it eased off a lot yesterday and I was able to run this morning, much to my utter delight. That second problem is why I understand how upset you must be as I was almost fuming at my bad luck.

Any updates from the doc as to when you can get back out there, I feel a little lost without my virtual running mucker?


Oh and thanks, we had a great time at home, I trust you and yours had a good 'un?


Hi Fingalo - it is real bugger.....going to doctor tomorrow as the pain in my shin is horrid and 5 days of pain killers seem to have done nothing at all. Keep running and do some for me too - I intend on being back in my shoes as soon as possible but do not want to make this worse. Will watch out for your progress in the meantime!


You're right of course, there's no point in making it worse by running through it. Here's hoping the doc has an answer and you're back in jig time.

By the way, I've just checked out Week 5 and frightened the shite out of myself!


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