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I'm a graduate!!!

Did the final run today after a morning ten pin bowling. It has been getting easier, as on Thursday's run I kept going and did 40 minutes running at 8.5km an hour on treadmill...I had Wimbledon to watch which kept me on longer!

Today I stuck to 30 minutes and covered about 4.2km in that time. Now my plan is to up my speed and try to run 5k in 30 mins before heading outside.

Will def be keeping an eye out for the next pod casts as though I don't plan to do 10k any time soon, it's nice to have something to follow.

Keep going everyone, you will get there and be jubilant at the end.

My reward is a delicious looking chocolate cupcake later today!

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congratulations :)


Well done graduating Ruth. We are running roughly the same times and upping speed and distance has also been my motivation - luckily improving through the last two WK9 runs. Tomorrow I'm doing my graduation run, as a treat (rather than a chocolate cupcake......drool - I'm following a slimming world diet), I've bought myself some decent running gear as I'm determined to keep this up and improve time/pace and also continue to loose weight. I'm also eager to get hold of the next pod casts to keep me on track.

Well done and enjoy your cupcake - you deserve it!


Congratulations. It feels good doesn't it


Well done! And it's good to know you're planning bigger and faster things :)


Welll done!! Congratulations on planning your next move.


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