Back to moaning and swearing!


As you all know I f$ck*ng hate rain, however I can now say quite clearly say I really F@ck#ng hate highland terriers. More to the point their owners, can't blame the dog, "PUT IT ON A LEAD YOU TW@!!!!!!"

Also I am sure I have a dodgy pod cast or Laura can't count cos that last 90 seconds was more like 3 days, in fact I'm convinced it's now Tuesday.

AND W2 music is shocking,

Anyway, I did it, my new socks and trainers help, I've only had 2 fags all day & to be honest I'm not that bothered. Might well bang it on the head completely as I require more lung capacity.

Interesting fact - done more exercise this week than ever beforehand & I have put on about 5lb's in weight. Bit strange!!!!

Right got a 4pk of snickers to demolish now, so Tuesday will be the next update.


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10 Replies

  • I don't like ankle nippers either, love snickers too. :)

  • Think that's where the weight gain comes from :-)

  • Lol! That last little bit always seems to take forever....especially if the music is not to your taste, seem to remember banjos at some point, poss week 3, reminded me of the frog! Showing my age now!

  • I've gotta be honest I'm lovin this, not sure if I'm becoming addicted to the running or blogging, but my god 90 seconds can seem a lifetime.

  • Hah! Wait till you've got to last for 25 minutes!!!!

  • Phew I saw your subject and thought my missus was here posting about me!

  • Made me smile!!!!! I know the feeling, the last 90seonds particularly on run 1 lasted forever! I still have run 3 to go, hope it's a bit better (did run2 on the treadmill which was much easier)

  • Great running.. and well done going easy on the ciggies too. One seems to go hand in hand with the other. Now if only running acted as a appetite suppressant we would all be happy!

  • I can remember sneaking a look at my watch every 15 seconds (!) when I was doing week 1 and 2 and trying to convince myself that I could keep going for that long! Cutting down on the fags is doing so much good. Even if you put on a bit of weight it is better to be a fat, fit non-smoker than a thin, unfit smoker! Very few people lose lots of weight in the early days but I have found it starting to creep down a little (without changing my diet at all) as the runs have got longer. There has been an enormous difference in my shape however. Less tum in particular! I have found the blogging addictive too. In fact I sometimes motivate myself to run by telling myself I can look at the blogs when I get back :-)

  • Having found myself at the top of the list of Recent Top Bloggers, I too can confirm that blogging about running is quite addictive... Looking forward to the shape-shifting effect of all this running, btw. ;-)

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