RunningForBroke vs. Treadmill

RunningForBroke vs. Treadmill

In this corner, we have the champion: The Machine. Fast and strong. Unmatched endurance and with a black belt on top of that (think about it). In the other corner decked out in green and black we have the challenger: RunningForBroke. The tall, slightly cheeky miss from Wisconsin. Will the challenger triumph or will The Machine claim another victim? *Ding ding ding!*

Seriously, I'm glad there are treadmills - don't get me wrong. When the low is -21 degrees C (-6 degrees F) and the high is -14 degrees C (6 degrees F) you don't want to be outside. This point made: I hate the treadmill. No, you don't get it: I HATE the treadmill. You know that kind of dislike when you're almost awed by the depth of your own loathing? Yep, that's what I mean. I'm glad I can stay in shape over the winter, but I miss the outdoors! As soon as temperatures warm up, this hamster is leaving the wheel and hitting the pavement again. I can't wait!!!!

Dinner was: coconut milk chicken.

I have had a request for a photo of Wisconsin in the snow, so I am taking the food picture down.

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16 Replies

  • I've only tried a treadmill twice for proper running but to get to 1l seemed to take sooooooo long!even with the tv screen it was tedious, so you get my agreement! Though in those temps I don't blame you so well done for sticking to it!😊

    The dinner looks pretty but I'm a veggie! 😆

  • You could have it with mushrooms instead. It's minced jalapeño and ginger with sliced shallot. Simmer in a can of coconut millk until fragrant. Rinse your mushrooms (I suggest shitake), take off the stems, and salt and pepper them. Add to the coconut milk an simmer until done. You can serve on bibb lettuce leaves with mint leaves, and (if desired) roasted and chopped peanuts).

  • Yummy thanks 😊

  • Mmmmm, sounds yummy and healthy. Had curried sausages and cauliflower rice for lunch.....

    I don't like treadmill either.

    Now in your climate how about the skiing thingy where you just have the front of your ski attached to your foot and you walk/slide one ski at a time (of course she said).

    My father comes from Switzerland and used to tell us children about those tennis racquets type of contraptions he used to wear to go over the mountain to the next village.

    Wouldn't anything like this replace outdoor running? just for the season?

  • Part of the problem with snow shoes and skis is that it's still cold lol. Until the ice melts off and it breaks freezing, I think I will stick to the treadmill. Thank you though!

  • Lol, I'm right there with you on the dislike of treadmills thing but I guess they're a necessary evil at this time of year. Keep at it - Spring is on its way. Apparently. (Dinner looks good!)

  • Thank you!I love spring. The good news is that even if it's not quite spring weather in March, it will probably warm up enough for me to get back out there. 😃

  • I've only been on treadmill once and that was to have a gait analysis carried out for new shoes. I may try it properly one day, but can understand you using a treadmill with those temps outside, where you live, I take it you have some deep snow hanging around? Photo please...

    Here in southern England I'm still able to get out, but avoided going out running on snow on Sunday with the club, for risk of slipping over, must be getting a whimp as I get older! But, the snow soon melted and is now cleared, and from today the temps are set to rise from 2degc to about 9degc by the weekend, so plan on going out for a road run about Thursday, when the forecast is for sun...

  • Good for you! Yes, we do have pretty deep snow. Too bad they won't let me post pictures in these replies.

  • Photo can go on a post...

  • I live on flatlands so a treadmill is my only way of getting a hill - short of driving 20 or so miles (which I will do when the weather warms). It's also been invaluable in getting me started on the Cto5K. If I had your scenery though, I'd be itching to get outside too

  • It is pretty, but it's so cold it freezes the moisture in your nose. Also, with sheets of ice around I'm a bit aftaid of wiping out.

  • That sounds seriously cold! I was half way through C25k when I moved inside onto a treadmill. The upside was, I never had an excuse not to run - whatever the weather, and so managed to keep to the program and graduate.

    The downside (for me) is that treadmill running is actually a bit easier (it feels) as when I graduated the program on Christmas eve, and then went for a road run on boxing day - it felt sooooo much harder, and I live in a reasonably flat area, with only slight hills. Also, due to the uneven nature of outside running, I strained a tendon two days later, and now can't run at all (admittedly this might have been festering while I was on the treadmill)

    Has anyone else had an issue like this, or am I just imagining it? I will start running outside again (when I'm allowed too), but I know I will now have to go back a step and interval train, and for me it will be harder....... but infinitely more enjoyable.

    -21!!! It was "only" -6 here in SE England last night, and that is bad enough. Great pictures!

  • Yes. Treadmill running is easier I think. I know what you mean!

  • I feel your pain, not a fan of the treadmill either. But I'm next door to you in Minnesota, so like you I have no real choice right now. Yesterday was -26 C for a low and a high of -20C; factoring in the wind and the "feels like" or "wind chill" temperature was -32C. I think we were both spoiled a bit by the late onset of winter this year, what with being able to run outside into the start of January.

    The treadmill so far has won both bouts I've had with it since the bitter cold started. I've never gotten blisters running outdoors but for some reason have got one on the tip of my middle toe each time I've used the treadmill. Have you noticed any change in your gait using it?

    I hope winter is short so we can both get back outside soon.

  • I completely agree about the late onset winter. Yes, I do think my gait has changed slightly due to my perception of how narrow the belt is. I think I run with my feet planted closer together. Sorry about your blosters! Could you possibly be bumping into the motor without realizing?

    All I can say is "come on spring!!!!"

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