Couch to 5K

Week 10 run 3

Today I was tired, after being put on a walking duty at work today a distance of around 5 miles. I came home and for changed for my run.

I stupidly thought I could run my 6.3 miles after walking that distance carrying heavy mail bags, I'll not make that mistake again. I only managed 4 miles in 40 mins and now very tired and drained of energy, so much so I also forgo the 150 sit ups.

I may try again tomorrow cause I am on driving duty, plus I don't like it when I fail to achieve the distance I wanted to.

Before any of you try to advise me not, I need to for my own sanity. It gets me away from noisy 7 year old and a nagging wife for sometime. Lol

Anyhow I will keep you posted

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150 sit-ups! Hells teeth!


Hmm - sounds like you will get a good nights sleep after all that exercise.


Not really, it's too warm and humid and at weekends I need to be up at 4:00am cause I start work at 5:00am


Blimey, wot Andy said!

I suspect you are however hanging out with the wrong crown here if you want advice not to go running!



Might try a few situps myself. creak. You sound pretty fit already. Always thought postmen must be really fit to race around with mailbags. I'm covered in sweat (lovely image) after a very short walk to the corner shop.


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