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W7R3 Done :)

W7R3 Done :)

Woo hoo!! Week 7 done :) Have noticed that this week I can up my pace quite a bit (some call me the flash lol) and keep it there for longer than I used to which is good - I save these moments for when I'm running past people....makes me look like a pro :D

Managed 4.84km last night, so nearly there :) It'd be nice to know how much of that milage is me running and not warm up and cool down included...actaully, no, I don't want to know that figure lol

Onto week 8! Keep it up week 7ers - the finish is in sight :)

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Well done! You're leading the way for the week 7 pack I think - we'll hopefully all make it to week 8 soon. I'm going out to do w7r2 tonight and hope it's better than the last time. Looks like it's going to rain so all the better.

I wonder what week 8 music is like? Got to better than week 7 no? I think I might even try to use my own compilation for run 3. Have a good rest wonder woman!


Thanks Nevertoolate :) Yep, you'll be on week 8 soon enough too! You'll do great today & it's always nice to cool off in the rain :)

I might have a listen to a week 8 podcast tonight but I think I'll still stick to my own music - let me know what you think wehen you've tried running with your own :)

Wonder woman indeed - I'm often wondering how I got this far lol

Keep it up & good luck for tonight :)


I did it!!!! See my blog - it was fantastic in the rain. See you in week 8 very soon!


Well done!!! Whoop Whoop!! :D


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