Couch to 5K

W4D1 retried and beaten!

After attempting W4D1 a few days ago at a jogging pace of 10kph and failing miserably, I was thoroughly disheartened. Not only was I unable to complete the run, I surrendered to the pain during the first five minute run interval!

Annoyed with my failure, I searched the corners of the internet for like-minded people and came across this site. Promptly asking a question for advice, I was surprised and grateful for the quick and informative responses given. Deciding to try the run again at a slower pace (8.5kph), I fired up the treadmill and got back on yesterday for another go - this time using the C25k podcasts with Laura's accompanying encouragement.

Surprisingly, it was the first three minutes I found most difficult - possibly due to preferring listening to my own music - however once I had got into the routine, the rest of the run was a bit easier. The last five minutes was a bit of a struggle with labouring breath but, since I had got so close to the end, I forced myself through the last couple minutes and felt glad that I had when it was over.

Looking forward to the run again tomorrow and feel more confident about completing the full course now!

Thanks to all for the warm welcome and helpful advice. :)

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well done! Isn't Laura great :) One of the best things about the site is that it's full of people who've been there, done that and are waiting for the tee shirt! I can't promise the runs are going to be easier for you, because the programme is designed to push just a bit further than you always feel you can go, but you did it this time so you know you can and that there's always that lttle bit extra if you dig deep. Sounds as if you can make a success of it so we look forward to hearing more as your weeks go by. :)


Thank you! It does feel like as soon as you get used to one speed, you are given some new challenge, doesn't it? :P

Will keep you all up-to-date with my progress as i am getting through them. :)


well done and keep going, your way further advanced than me, ive got wk 1 run 2 tonight :-)

anyway well done and remember Laura encourages you along


Thanks and good luck tonight on your run! :)

Laura's encouragement does help a lot - though I tend to start pleading for the sound of her saying "half way there" during the last of the runs. :P


Well done arized for getting back to it and with Laura's help I'm sure you will succeed. Don't worry about your time, if you are struggling to keep going slow down your speed a little you can always go a bit faster once you have settled down again. I found that if I concentrated more on doing the time my speed would take care of itself later on. I'm now able to run 5K most times I go out (3 times a week) but prefer to mix up my running and do shorter distances but as fast as I can and this way I'm slowly but surely reducing my time for 5K. I don't run on a treadmill either I prefer to run outside so that might be something worth thinking about as it is less boring however you do have to contend with ups & downs then too. Enjoy and keep us posted on your progress.


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