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My 'Couch to 5k' diary (wk4 d1)

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I'd been drinking Tonic water and stretching my calf all weekend because it threatened to cramp up on me and then felt tight after a slight stretch in bed Saturday morning, I am kind of prone to cramping up, especially certain pilates moves!

So setting off this morning still with a tight calf I made sure to go slow, really slow (thanks for all your advice on that by the way👍). The first five minute run was a bit of a challenge but I did it relatively well, obviously I felt like I'd run for five minutes compared to last week's three, but it was a good feeling. I was worried about the last five minute run though as my legs were tired, during the walking sections I was having to stretch my calf now and again to ease the tightness.

I had naturally speeded up slightly by the time the last five minute run came up, it's not comfortable for me to go as slow as I'd started off but I now feel I've found a slow pace I am comfortable running, it's a bit faster than as slow as I can go but not as fast as I will eventually be running, the pace I'm naturally falling into which is way too fast for my fitness level at the moment 😝

But I made it, all the way through, these big jumps in running time are frightening yet I'm finding, so far, that I am managing to do it. It's not easy and I'm pushing myself, if the commitment is there, it really can be done.

Stay strong everyone, we can do it 👍

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That's great! Keep your hydration good, also consider adding a few bananas to your weekly diet, potassium can be good for warding off cramp, especially if you're prone to it👍🏻

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I am glad banana are good I eat a banana before every run and eat one a day plenty of water haven’t had a problem with cramps fingers crossed 🤞

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It's great when you find that slower pace , it took me a while . Pushing yourself as you say and having the determination to complete a run is all it takes. Well done you 🤗

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I’m a week behind you, this is great to read, that first 5 minutes is looming for me so I’m glad you got through it OK 👍

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RemikinsGraduate in reply to Rigpig

Good luck next week then Rigpig, hopefully you've found a pace that works for you and you'll be fine.

Go at it like it's a marathon, set off slow and just know you've got a long run ahead of you, relax into it and believe in yourself 👍

Brilliant, glad you have found a nice slow pace, and each run prepares you for the next

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