A very wet run...and a pic of what I raised money for in that hard won half marathon!

A very wet run...and a pic of what I raised money for in that hard won half marathon!

Another early start (5.30am) to deal with one of my new batch of rescue chooks who has been causing us some worries, and to get the rest of the egg squad fed and watered. Anyway, once I was happy that Emily Alice Chicken was ok, I got out the door. Not TOO IMPRESSED with the dratted weather, but at least rain makes for a nice cool workout when pushing hard.

Five miles...


This started off as a sort of normal paced workout, not too hard, not too slow, but I noticed somehow or other a couple of faster miles crept in there. I probably made them up on the downhills because that second mile was on a longish uphill and the Garmin seconds sure added themselves on there!

Just going to get on my soapbox (because I can, or at least until someone edits me!) and say that added here is a picture of what a poor little chook looks like when she is thrown out, quite literally, from the so-called "enriched colony cages" which are meant to be higher welfare! Please, please, PLEASE guys, buy free range, or better still have a few rescue girls of your own! They will pay you back in eggs and you will never need to watch a tv for entertainment again!



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7 Replies

  • How doo you fit it all in!! May be by getting up at the crack of dawn. And you keep on clocking up these miles going up and down dale ... Feel very lazy ...

    I have got four pekins (two cockerals who were going to get the chop, my old pekin girl Dolly and young hen) who live in large arks during the day and come in at night since we have a stoat family living down the lane and visting foxes during the day. We tried electric fences but rescue goat boys had other ideas ...Would rescue girls be ok in a large ark?

  • Yes they would be fine RhonaL. Some rescuers I know have to keep their girls in secure runs etc because of foxes etc. And of course, compared to what they have been used to, it will still be paradise. You can contact Fresh Start For Hens through their website for details of local release dates. :)

  • Awww poor chicken! I'd love a chicken for its eggs but I'd not like the looking after it bit :( im not great with animals!

    I only buy free range, because they taste so much better than caged hens eggs

    Great run by the way ;) I almost forgot about the running with all this talk of chickens :D

  • Nice run, Carole....you are doing super!

  • only buy free range :)

  • I'll admit I just buy whatever eggs are in the supermarket. I 100% promise I will only get free range from now on, your dedication and passion has converted me x

    Congrats on your running, you are doing great!

  • Thank you MaryAB. I never have to buy eggs as my ladies produce more than we can eat and bake with, but if I EVER see anyone buying battery eggs OH says I get this mad glint in my eyes and he has to drag me away before I get shirty with them hissing in my ear that people do have free choice! Grrrrrr.

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