10k... and the worst run for a very long time

That was awful.  Abysmal, terrible - and yet I'm posting here because I think it's important, if you're new, to know that even if you've been running for quite a while, you can still have bad runs.  My last post was about my lovely 7.5k run on my 4th runniversary. 

I'm working up to a 10k event on 1st May and today was my first 10k for a while.  My last 10k took around 1hr and 10 minutes, but that was ambitious for today because I was attempting a hilly route as the event itself is frighteningly hilly.  I thought 1hr and 20 would be about right.  I ate well last night, had porridge early this morning, was well-hydrated, covered in sun-block, had taken my inhaler and had been for a wee in the car park loos so was ready to go :D  All was on track, you'd think.

It was a hateful run.  By 3k I was bored.  I don't run with music any more, but I wished I'd brought my earphones.  By 4k I was tiring, and couldn't help fearing all the hills I'd tackled on my way out (it was a there-and-back-again route).  At 5k I stopped and looked for a quiet place for a shewee :D  It was like Piccadilly blooming Circus!  Walkers, birdwatchers, cyclists, runners - no chance.

I turned round and headed back.  I confess, I walked up most of the hills on the way back.  I had no energy in the legs.  I was resentful, I was fed up, I was unhappy - I was almost in tears at one point, thinking that there was no way I was going to be able to run 10k at Chatsworth without disgracing myself utterly.  Everything was uncomfortable - my armband was rubbing, despite the BodyGlide, my car key and inhaler were knocking against each other with every step - tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick  - no matter how I tried to rearrange them, my toes were rubbing slightly on my shoes on the downhills, my knee was twinging - you name it, it was wrong.

I made it back to the car.  The time on the Garmin was 1:28.  To be fair, probably about 5 minutes of that was looking for a private corner, and there was a minute when I stopped to listen to a woodpecker, and another minute when I stopped to get the grit out of my shoe - and then just stopped - but on the whole, a dismal performance.

And it really doesn't matter that much.  My next run will most likely be better.  I haven't a clue why this one was so bad.  On paper, it should have been okay.  But it wasn't.  The point is, it won't stop me going out again.  Because it doesn't, does it?  Even if you're just starting, and you're still on Week 1 and wondering if you should repeat it, you'll lace up and get out there again in a couple of days.  You will.  Because we all do.  We're runners :)


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32 Replies

  • Thank you for this post! I'm so sorry you had a lousy run, but so inspired by your attitude towards it - it made me feel pretty determined and kickass, hehe!

    Good luck with your 10k - you'll smash it! 😊🍀

  • Thanks, Heather - glad you thought it was inspiring, but that's only because I've had 4 years on this forum :)  And thanks for your good wishes for the event :)

  • Ah Annie xxx Thanks for posting, some runs are good , and some are not so good , but you did 10k Missus ! That's a fantastic run in my book !

    You will soon put this one to bed and be back out there again . You did it , just file it away and move on .

    Well done ! Onwards, always ! xxx

  • Yeah, well, as we know, they can't all be great runs!  Never mind, eh?  :D  Thank you for your support, lovely Poppy xxx

  • One miserable run doesn't dampen a lively spirit!  Sorry it was horrid, but you just KNOW the next one will be better 🏃 😊

  • Thank you!  The next one will be better, I'm sure!

  • I have to admit that I havn't had a run yet that I regreted, and I've been running since Sept 2014.  I look upon any run as being better than no run.  Even the run which injured my ankle and reduced my running to only once a week for 6 months,I can't regret, because I learned from it. I learned to listen to my body, and not to push too hard. Who knows, I may make the same mistake again, but that's running.

    Fortunately, as a guy running in the country, peeing isnt too big a problem. I do however spend a lot of time before the run assuring myself that I will not need to do plop plops  ;)

    I can well understand your irritation with things ticking and rubbing.  I go to a lot of trouble to make sure clothing is comfortable, and positioned in such a way as not to be a distraction.  I know that when it isnt right; it can be a real irritation. For instance, if it is raining then I run without glasses, as the irritation of pushing them back up my slippy wet nose really annoys me.

    As for feeling tired and having to walk a bit.  You really shouldnt worry. Some runs are like that, especially if you've been pushing yourself hard on previous runs. Some weeks I put in a great sub 27min 5km run on tuesday, then thursday's run might be over 35 mins as my legs havnt fully recovered.  Strangely, Sunday's run will then go very well as my body forced me to slow down on thursday !  :D

    What you say about it not mattering is absolutely right :)   Some runs are slower and more tiring than others, and some feel really easy, and there often doesnt seem much rhyme or reason to it  :)

  • You are so right, any run is better than no run.  And I've learned from this one - possibly more than I learn from good runs.

    The peeing issue - that's why I bought a shewee :D but it still requires a degree of privacy!

    I think all the irritations would have not been noticeable if everything else had been going okay.  But hey, I was running - okay, I didn't actually run for every step of the 10k, but I probably ran 9k, even if it was slower than I wanted to.  The next one will be better!

  • When you think about what you actually achieved, even though it didnt go as planned, it was really pretty impressive :)   Just being able to run for 30 minutes or more continuously really is great :) and being able to anything more than that you should always feel really proud of yourself.  What is wonderful I think is that the more you do it, the easier and more pleasurable it gets :)  

    Happy Running  :)

  • Thank you :)

  • You're right, the next one will be better and you're a little bit closer to your goal for race day. Another run bites the dust! :-)

  • Yes, it's another run in the bank - or the legs :D - and another run closer to The Day!  Here's to a better run next time :)

  • Here, here! :-D

  • I think it was knowing you were setting out to do the 10k and it just sort of dragged you down. Maybe next time just go off to run for an hour, see how far you got and then when you see it is not that much further to go, you might feel positive about just carrying on that bit further and then that bit further and hey presto you're there. This is my own highly scientific approach in case you're wondering :)

  • I've thought about this, and posted more about it on the Bridge to 10K forum.  It was entirely in my mind.  The truth is, the place where I was running scares me :D so I was defeated before I started.  My plan for my next 10K is to return to the scene of my first 10k - it's all downhill, there's a loo halfway, and it ends up practically on my doorstep.  If that's not a good run, I'm doomed :D

  • Oh,Annie! Thank you for posting - don't know if you remember but I am due to run a hilly 10k trail too on the same day although I am currently negotiating two close family bereavements, so if it happens great, if it doesn't - there will be others. I had a similarly bad 10k run a few weeks ago, but the next one was completely the opposite! Like you so wisely say, we don't let it stop us getting out there the next time. The thing is you carry on, even when it feels tough and rubbish and so HARD! Because that it is when the mental battle is won and you know you're gonna come back fighting. I too, plodded on like you and felt proud of myself for just getting through! Good luck on that next run - you can do it!

  • I do remember, Sandra, and I think you are amazingly strong for pushing on at this time.  As you say, if you feel like entering your race then great, but if you have other priorities on the day then so be it - there are far more important things than a race.

    The next run will be better.  I will feel good because I know I'm out there again after a bad run, so even if it's a mediocre run it will be good, if you see what I mean!  ( that worked better in my mind :D )  Thanks for your good wishes, and please know that I'm still thinking of you and your family x

  • Thanks Annie.x

  • Anniemurph...HUGE Hug x

    But.. you did it.. it may have been all the horrid things you said, but you did it..10K !

    You blew your nose, you took a big breath and you bloomin' well did it!

    AND you heard a woodpecker :)

    As you say.. you are a runner and you did what runners do.

    A tough run, yes..but a tougher runner...YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Awww, thank you, m'dear!  It was beastly and it's over - yay!  The woodpecker was fab, and it was such a nice day I put the roof down on the car on the way home :D  Let's just forget the rest!

    I'm blushing at your lovely words x

  • You should have pushed a Twitcher over into a hedge. I always find this cheers me up no end when I am frustrated on a run. And even when not. 

  • It seems a shame not to, I think they like it  :)

  • Ha!  They were quite nice, actually.  I did ask if it was Green or Spotted (the woodpecker) and they responded in a normal fashion, so they weren't twitchers.

  • Woodpeckers are ofcourse a refreshing change :D

  • You'll be fine on the day, and you know you will. I always run with music - I honestly think it's one of the things that keeps me going because it keeps me in my 'bubble' (if that makes sense). It even helps me to count my way through the run -every song is three or four minutes knocked off my target running time. 

    The word that got me in you post was "grit" - that's what running is all about. Well done for having lorryloads of the stuff.

  • I do hope so :O  I used to run with music - couldn't manage without it, as I hated the sound of my huffing and puffing, and my great flat feet plonking down, but now I don't like not hearing what's around me.  But I agree about counting every song :)

    Thank you for your kind words about grit :)

  • Aww - a miserable run but as you say, can't keep a good girl down. You'll ace it next time out!

  • Thank you!  It will be fine!

  • Well done for getting through your run. It's a funny thing but no matter how bad it gets we still go out for more don't we? The next many many runs will be great I'm sure. Happy running. X x Andy

  • Thanks, Andy - isn't it odd how we keep going?  :D  Happy running to you too xx

  • You set out to do 10k, you did 10k!

  • True!

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