The Marathon is done and lots to tell...Rock Star for one day- I am a Marathoner!!

The Marathon is done and lots to tell...Rock Star for one day- I am a Marathoner!!

I finally feel coherent enough to post. Lots to tell - but hope I can be eloquent enough to capture the event. Danzargo has done a brilliant spectators post- which pretty much captures the atmosphere.

The night before - I was not exactly nervous - but I was very distracted - could not eat my dinner - was constantly checking my kit - which I had Dumbo like dependance on - at one point rampaging round my hotel room because I could not find my long run running socks - but there they were tucked in my running shoes-sigh. Had a very tetchy conversation with with concierge about best route to start- he gave me a very complicated train route- "I know this madness - I live near Greenwich..." I suggested perhaps the alternative route was Jubilee line and then the DLR - Long hard stare -'actually that is more straight forward and it will be quicker' he replied.

On the morning I was up and at em for 6 30- out the door by 7 30. And the day of being a Rock Star Began. I show boated through the streets of London - where surprisingly there were many people out and about not just those with Virgin London Marathon (VLM) bags. For the runners all journeys were free- we were just hustled through like super stars. A few runners stopped me to ask which way to go and which journey to take. Feeling confident - I gave directions- but from a distance they clung to me like limpets. (It was slightly unnerving when most of the runners got off at London Bridge - but I held my nerve to Canary Wharf - my limpets looked sideways at me - but stuck with me:-) ).

The atmosphere up to Greenwich park was beautiful and crazy - I followed a tiger up, someone dressed as a glitter ball- all was a very bonhomie atmosphere. Once at the start you hand your bag in and then join the longest loo queue in the world - which I was still standing in at 10 00! Incomprehensible to describe the number of people - we heard Mo go off and then half an hour later I crossed the start line. Big thumps of the heart and gulping tears - to think I was actually here doing it. The start is very much locals - all quite casual really - no barriers- small hands held out for high fives- lovely.

I had two chief concerns- 'hitting the wall' and the heat. I was massively over- hydrated and very quickly needed a loo stop- another queue!! It was very warm and by 10 miles - I felt quite daunted - my legs were really achey and still 16 to go. I felt very tearful - to have come this far and to be struggling at 10 miles. I knew my family were at 11 miles - and what a boost they gave just to see them - here them cheering- quick hug and on my way. I made my mind up there and then - I would finish- in whatever way I could - I also thought of all the advice I had been given and the main one was ENJOY. So I gathered my headspace - held my head high and set my sights on Tower Bridge- I wanted to run over that in confident style - the wall of sound as I rounded the corner towards the Bridge was extraordinary-This is when the yells of your name really come in- mine had printed in big red was 'Suzy B' - the chant of that back at you as it went like a Mexican wave through the crowds was fabulous - made me grin and smile and cheer- pulling me along. Occasionally someone would really insistently call your name - like they knew you - it felt very personal. I loved that feeling of hearing my name - very addictive - And easy to get - if you flashed a smile- waved- high fived some children - the spectators need acknowledgement too:-)

At mile 15 - canary wharfish- chaffing started - aargh - had to actively look out for the gloved - Vaseline hand of st johns - spotted one - and had to rather indiscreetly shove my hand down my shorts and apply - where needed! I knew now I was into single figures to count down 26 miles. So a mile at a time - I was definitely walking/running now - but kept my miles at 12 min mile pace. The 5 hour time was blown - but maybe six?. So I set myself targets- highlights as follows:

-over took the oldest marathoner (yay)

-passed the full brass band in bight orange - twice- no mean feat they took up the whole road (stopped to talk to --a friend and they passed me again!)

-two rhino's

- me walking and chatting to a chap running - he suddenly said - 'you can walk faster than I can run - I am holding you up - go" so I went:-)

-the walking horse

- And the best of all the Tiger- I saw him 200 hundred yards ahead - a model of a tiger in a roar position - being carried on the runners back. He was in my sights - and I managed a fair sprint and overtook him much to the pleasure of the crowds - 'Suzy B Suzy B...."

At mile 25 my family again cheering and shouting- and bullied me into running - which the crowds loved and carried me along chanting my name.

Last mile- the longest and slowest - but the 800 metre sign a very welcome sight. Over the finish line - Yay. Two thoughts - The guy with the fridge on his back had beaten me - if I had seen him - I would definitely have over taken him and " I can do better than this' :-)

Injury count: 5 black toes, feet feel like they have been hammered, unsightly chaffing at top of legs, thighs like concrete.

Jealous friends: Fall into two camps - those who have done it - wishing they were doing it again. Those who have said they could never do it - seriously considering entering next year. So if anyone is interested the ballot opens 22 April - my name will be going in that ballot box!

Happy running - thanks for your support - I simply could not have done this without C25K and all of you. Much Love Suzy B


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113 Replies

  • You really are such an inspiration Suzy, a massive well done to you. It sounds like you had an amazing time and you must be so proud. I hope your medal has pride of place somewhere!

  • Thank you -it - does - close to my heart:-)

  • ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT, AWESOME, FANTASTIC - you are an inspiration for us all! Insufficient words and praise for such an accomplishment ... yes. Have to leave room for all the others, SuzyB you are truly a super star xxxxx

    :) :D ;) :) :D ;) :) :D ;)

  • Thank you so much.xx

  • Brilliant. Great post & such an inspiration.

    I posted when I saw you had finished. Was following you & 2 friends on the computer, it was so clever to see where people were.

    I am seriously thinking about entering that ballot.

  • Thanks for the post - much appreciated. Do enter - if you get a place it certainly focuses the mind....

  • Fantastic Suzy, you have done so well and I don't know what else to say but FANTASTIC!!!! You must have had a super day. and you are an inspiration. Remember that tiger if the going gets tough anytime xx

  • thanks N-E- I will remember that tiger:-)

  • Thank you

  • Wonderful post and wonderful achievement. You are a superstar and the C25K community is so proud of you!


  • Thanks very much.

  • Fantastic SuzyB! You did it! You are a marathoner! :-) :-) :-)

  • Thank you so much.xx

  • Absolutely wonderful, inspiring. Great respect, really well done Suzy.

  • Thank you for your support:-)

  • Oh well done - made me tingle when I was reading about your experiences - FAN - TAS - TIC

  • thanks lillieanne - I had hoped to convey some of the emotion -:-)

  • Welcome to the marathon club (she says having only joined those ranks 9 days ago!). I love your write up - I was already impressed by how consistent your times were but when you say you were struggling from mile 10 I'm even more impressed. That Tiger ran Brighton marathon too - they interviewed him on the Channel 4 program at the weekend, he's amazing. I'll be entering the London ballot too - hopefully will see you there next year ! :-)

  • Thanks - I hadn't considered I had joined a club - but I have haven't I:-). Yes clocked you had done a Marathon - and noted you were right back out there running- good for you. It is easier if I keep moving - considering some sort of jaunt tomorrow...

  • What an immense achievement - very well done Suzy B! As someone who is still struggling to get to that 5k marker I can't even imagine the hard work it must have taken to do what you did on Sunday. I am totally in awe!!

  • Thanks - it is the same grit and determination that gets us to 5k - I just have to do it for longer:-)

  • Top Bird!!!!!! Well done Suzy B, that was a great effort and a lovely post. You are an inspiration to us & I am in awe of what it takes to do that.

  • Thanks ON - great support and much appreciated. 'Top Bird' - I like it:-)

  • Just too blown away by your awesomeness to say much other than......fantastic post! Fantastic run! Fantastic Marathoner!!! You rock Suzy B!! :) xx

    Ps now off to FB to heap more praise on you ;)

  • Thanks Sue - so much appreciated .xx

  • Well done Suzy B. I am in awe of you and anyone who can complete even the training, let alone the real thing. You are a superstar!

  • Thank you for your support- I think i can eek out superstar for one more day:-)

  • What a wonderful achievement Suzy! You are a Running Rock Chick!

    I was tracking you on the computer for a while but I'm afraid I had some major 'rubble digging out' in the garden to do and by the time I checked back, you'd finished!

    Totally in awe - my longest distance so far is 8 miles - I really can't imagine the mental and physical strength needed for 26! Congratulations!!

  • Thank you and thank you

  • Congratulations, what an amazing, amazing achievement - enjoy the 'rock star' glory for a while :) :)

  • thanks - and I am enjoying it all today-back to reality tomorrow:-)

  • Fabulous!!!!! I am so pleased you did it and loved it, sharing the journey with you has been our pleasure. Enjoy that marathoner's high Suzy B. :-) :-D

  • High is the right word - I am feeling jolly pleased and it has been an amazing journey and one which i have wanted to share.

  • Way to go!

    Gosh, i have been saying i have no interest in races. I may have been misinformed!

  • :-) yes I didn't think Like racing but I do- I am going to be looking at some 10k and half marathons now- need something to focus on:-)

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed a vicarious marathon, thank you. My body couldn't stand all that tarmac but otherwise, inspirational.

  • thanks Google me- yes the Tarmac is hard hitting. As soon as I stopped at the finish - I could barely walk:-)

  • Congratulations on a massive achievement, well done that woman.....

    I'm at the w6r1 stage but harbor dreams of doing what you have just done in the very far future...

    After this program what did you do next.?

  • Thanks for support - i did all the C25k+ podcasts for a while (june last year). Then gradually built up to a bridge to 10k programme. Good luck with the rest of the programme- it is well worth it:-)

  • Everything as allready been said Suzy , I am in awe of you I really am , you must be so proud , congratulations on your amazing accomplishment & you know what you have inspired me ,& would like a pop at the London marathon myself I really would ! I'm 56 & you know what I may just do ! Congratulation Suzy you are fantastic !!!

  • Go Rockette go - it literally is all in the mind what you can do. I always said I could never do a Marathon . Then when I decided it was like a switch going over in my head- 'yes I can'. A friend of mine did her first Marathon at 57.

  • What a great post and inspirational post for everyone. Your achievement is fanatsic. Even though it sounds tough you really sounded like you enjoyed it. Great sporting attitude. Hopefully your recovery will be swift.

  • Thank you RFC - I did try to keep in mind - I had chosen to do this and that I must enjoy this:-)

  • Amazing achievement, Suzy B, you can be very proud of yourself. I hope your recovery goes well, and best of luck with getting in next year!

  • Thanks SQ- recovery is ok - if I keep moving:-)

  • What an achievement. Congratulations Suzy. A very inspirational post and what a great memory for you. May there be many more. You deserve your 'rock star status'.

  • thanks Doodle- just one more day - and then back to being mum and wife:-)

  • Oh Suzy, that's a lovely post. I can't reply cos I'm snivelling like an idiot

    'Scuse me, I need me hankie. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh

    I'll come back when I've composed meself

  • Thanks Miss W- that is exactly how I felt yesterday- and grinning from ear to ear today.

  • Wow, that sounds like an amazing feat. Well done you! Congratulations, and thank you for sharing the story for motivation for all of us.

  • Thanks Tomas - C25K is still my big achievement for last year. And it is only because of that - I could get anywhere near running a marathon:-)

  • Amazing journey you've just made. Thank you for sharing it with us! All the training runs etc. Superlatives - not enough of them to equal your amazing effort!

    Hope these amazing feelings last for ever for you - I'm sure they must.

    BRILLIANT! And it is we who should be thanking you for being such an inspiration for us all!


  • thanks Beek - that is very kind. i will keep rocking!

  • SuzyB - you are amazing - reading your post is like experiencing it all - pain an' all. thanks for keeping us all in mind and telling us all about it - great run and great post! Con-gra-tu-lat-ions!!!

  • Many thanks Yeshe- pain and all - living and breathing it today:-)

  • Massive congratulations to you. :-D :-D :-D From Couch to Marathon! You should contact HealthUnlocked and get them to share your story on the main site. How you managed to dig deep after the 10 mile mark, I can't even imagine. You must feel so proud of your achievements, we sure are proud of you on here.

    You're signing up for another one too! Wow.

    Enjoy your achievements.

  • Thank Tinyrun- appreciate your comments and support:-)

  • Congratulations and I am in awe. C242K is what you have achieved, it really is amazing! I'm going to apply for next year, thanks for inspiring all of us.

  • Great - Aftabs - you will rock it with those speedy legs of yours!

  • ha ha ha - just got will see that pop up somewhere - perfect:-)

  • Amazing you. Total inspiration. It sounds like a wonderful experience and thank you for sharing it with us.

  • thanks Tanyag:-)

  • that has made me want to do it even more!!!! ballot here I come but i guess I will probably have to go with a golden ticket sponsorship thingy - hopefully that would be for diabetes UK

  • Go for it Prin - it is a fantastic experience -and you did a great HM just recently - so you will be up for it. diabetes UK is a great cause.

  • Wow! It's crazy that the C25K can lead to something like the marathon. I had tears reading your post, very inspirational. Congratulations!

  • Thanks Leyther - it has been a very emotional experience for me to- lots of tears:-)

  • What can I say? Totally in awe of your achievement! Maybe one day...

  • Thanks Yonda - - never say 'never' :-)

  • What an inspiring post and a huge well done to you. Really is an amazing achievement. Gongratulations :)

  • thank you for your kind support

  • Oh wow! What a story! Again - well done. It's making me think .....

  • Thanks Lily 4- its still a lovely name:-)

  • SUzi B....Suzi B....Suzi B......!!! You are just terrific. What an incredible achievement to start and then actually cross the finishing line, albeit with sore limbs! Well done Suzi B. We must only have been metres from each other at some point and I did tell Mrs Dan that "SuziB from the forum is running today!" Now go and paint your toenails...!! :-)

  • Hah had Day-Z - I sort of hoped to see you- but knew it was impossible. As for toenails - beyond repair right now!

  • Wow ........ just wow!!!! :-)

  • Thank you

  • Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading about your experience. Congratulations x

  • Thank you:-)

  • Just read your really inspiring post- well done you!!

  • thank you so much

  • What a great Post ! Well Done

  • thanks scrappydee

  • Brilliant run and brilliant post. All those hours of training and moments of doubt are behind you now and you can bask in the glory of your incredible achievement for a while.

    And if you can run a marathon, surely you can do ANYTHING! :) There will be no holding you back now, because whenever you run into a wall you'll KNOW you can keep going.

  • Thanks for that - really unlifting reply- will try to keep it in mind for those tough work days - or when the kids at there most challenging:-)

  • Had to respond to this post because the way you have written it makes me fee we have been through this with you in some ways and I really want to thank you for that. Obviously without the chaffing, sore legs and black toes though :)

    You have done brilliantly and I would like to second the suggestion that someone else made about telling your story on the main page of c25k. I am convinced that a video clip of you in all your magnificence sharing your story would be a real inspiration to people about what is possible. Within a year too. WOW. X

  • Thanks lizziebeth - that is very kind- I wanted it to read well - so I wrote it as I felt:-) I will think about the C25K thing - but I suspect they don't want to dilute C25k as a message. I am not sure they even promote B210k. But lovely thought :-)

  • Fantastic post. I can't add anything more but echo all the above. You rock!

  • Thanks Khrissy - the support and camaraderie is amazing:-)

  • An awesome achievement and a very inspiring post. Huge CONGRATULATIONS and thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  • Thank you:-)

  • OMG you are such an inspiration - I hope the newbies on here have read your post. Just goes to prove what can be achieved with the right mindset and determination and effort.

    Well done and good luck with the ballot for next year!

  • Thanks Markee- Whatever hero's journey we are on- we are all a success for just being here:-)

  • congratulations suzy benj!;a lovely post to read and absorb the atmosphere! you really are an inspiration, i'm very impressed :) hope you get a chance to rest up for a few days and bask in the glory ! :)

  • Thanks Aliboo- the euphoria is fading - but the fierceness in my heart very strong:-)

  • Congratulations. Wonderful achievement and a great blog.

  • thank you os much - the support of this site has been wonderful:-)

  • Beautiful post...reading it made me feel like I was are incredible Marathon Queen...well done!!!!

  • Thanks JJ - lovely to hear from you. And so much thanks for your support and encouragement. Once I get my head out of this week - I will be right behind you in your own challenge later in the year.

    BTW - did you see they had issued a perfume in your name ---La Panthere by Cartier:-)

  • Wonderful - have been eagerly awaiting this post. Such an amazing achievement. One of the other nurses at work ran it as well - we made her wear her medal all day. Very well done!!

  • Thanks AC - it is a wonderful achievement and I do feel very proud. ....As for wearing that medal - blimey it is really heavy:-)

  • What a brilliant and most inspiring account! Thank you for sharing your special day with us. Go Suzy B!

  • Thanks for your support Chris- :-)

  • Loved this, what an achievement. Well done you! Can't say I've set my sights on a marathon but completing this 9 week programme is my first goal. But you never know! X

  • Thank you. I am actually looking fwd to a plain old run - with nothing in it other thana run. Ouch- need my toes to heal first:-)

  • Suzybenj, you have gone from plodding labrador to C25k heroine and have proved that this training plan and a lot of hard work can get any of us to places that we never thought possible. You are a star!

  • Thanks so much Ian - you are so right - the running has taken me many places - all good:-). Just entered the Oxford HM in October for a little autumnal challenge:-)

  • Brilliant work really enjoyed reading your post well done !!!!!!!:):)

  • thank you:-)

  • Wow. So proud of you. Fantastic. X

  • Well done Suzy, Im in Ore at your amazing achievement. Can I ask you a question in relation to pursue and run a marathon, how much training had you done prior to this amazing feat? You mentioned that your were fairly confident and not nervous, however distracted the night before... thats why I am asking if you had ran this distance before. It sounds to me that you haven't and that makes your amazing feat even more gutzie and determination in your own psyche to overcome a driven dream to run such a huge distance. This I salute you and to all who have your gumption to make their dream goals into reality...this gives me more substance and hope to pursue the same dream. Thank you and all those C25K achievers 'We made a vow, so come, come on you believers and Run together'

  • Thank you. No i had not a marathon before - and it was determination. But I completely thank C25k for getting me into a place that this was even conceivable. As for the not nervous - i think I was just in place where I could not even understand what it was to do it - but I did believe i would do the best I could.

    Just persuaded two rookie runners to start c25k -and they have booked a half marathon as their challenge to focus on.

  • Wow, I actually teared up reading this. Well done you! Amazing. PS. I am very jealous! ;)

  • Thank you. Few weeks on now - but I still feel jolly pleased:-)

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