Week 1, Run 2 - very sore legs and constipation, I can hardly walk

I woke up this morning with very sore legs and constipation, I can hardly walk. The legs, I was expecting especially after jumping on a step machine yesterday (the rest day!) for 3 long minutes - my thighs are killing me. But the constipation? I haven't 'been' since Day 1 (now Day 3). I'd have thought that bouncing around would, if anything, loosen certain stuff (crude, apologies). Odd, but to be honest squatting to sit, I said sit, would be agony on the thighs right now so maybe for the best.

As suggested in previous blog comments, I relocated to somewhere a bit flatter. Flat is good. I found a perfect long straight spot alongside a very full reservoir. There are views of wet sheep and wet hills just about visibile through the constant wet rain. I'm still driving there, which feels like cheating as it's just a few minutes from home.

Pre-run, I've taken to wearing my jeans over my 'jogging tights'. It feels strangely satisfying and exciting. I can now stride confidently, with spring in step (thanks TK Max), into the Co-op to stock up on water (athletes 2012 Jubilympic water no less) without worry of scaring old women and children. Downside of course is me wrestling the jeans off in the car. It previously being many years since I last downed a trouser in a layby.

Despite the lovely flat road, I found it hard going. Collapsing in my car seat utterly out of breath again. My legs are as sore as anything. I found the walking painful nevermind the jogging.

Hopefully my legs will be feeling better by Run 3 on Friday


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16 Replies

  • Any change in routine affects bowels but fill up on fruit and veg today so you get things moving! Massage your stiff legs and, if you're driving back from your exercise area, remember to stretch carefully before getting in the car. Hot baths or showers will loosen muscles. On your rest days try things which will help stamina not build muscle. (step machine!) Brisk walk, swimming, cycling on the flat will all improve your heart and lungs for running. The 9 week programme isn't very long to build stamina so remember, you're taking it slowly and steadily and thinking long-term :)

  • Great blog. happierswimming is right - I went the opposite way! But it all calms down quickly. Keep the fluids up as well. My legs hurt like hell during the first couple of weeks. The first week is the most difficult and you are two thirds through. Just keep on going and you will be fine. The plan is brillant - I had NEVER run in my life. Now at fifty i'm running for twenty minutes with comparative ease. As Laura says 'you CAN do it.' Good luck and keep blogging.

  • Keep going - you are doing brilliantly. :)

  • Lol@downing trousers in a layby, those were the days ;)

    As the others have said, your poop shoot will right itself when your body stops sulking from you putting it through running.

    The legs, stretching is soooo important after a run. I personally suffer sore tired legs a lot and the only things that help are drinking loads of water, stretching and a couple of ibuprofen if it starts to cause too much pain. Mine are usually just tight, not painful.

  • Great job!Let me throw in my two cents here stevecramp i also just finished r2-w1 and my legs where a mess and like you sitting and getting up where unforgiving,my solution was last night before bed i took a pain pill for muscle aches and rubbed a heavy dose of muscle cream on my quads and calf's and this morning i woke with very little pain it was tough for the first few sets but then things where lose enough.I did complete it to my surprise.

  • Well done mate, knew you would do it, just believe. My 2nd one tommorow night. Legs aching like billeo but they will be fine. My wife wants to start now lol!!! Give me someone to run win I suppose ha ha

  • Well done, keep I going. I'm just one run behind you, legs in bit but lookin forward to tomorrow . Keep I up matey!!!

  • We seem similar aged and both started around same time. I've bookmarked your blog page. Good luck with run 2!

  • LOL, try eating prunes about 1/3-1/2 tin at one sitting (S I T T I N G) but be careful cos if they work too quickly you might find yourself doing a 5K sprint to get to a loo, oh and drink more water too. Well done, keep it going.

  • a bit drastic but this could be one way to increase speed lol

  • Hi Steve, love the thought of you scandalising the sheep in your jogging tights in the rain! re the constipation - do make sure you are not getting dehydrated. I find carrying water impossible and that I don't really want to drink when I finish a run so I have to really pay attention to make myself drink enough. As for the legs - they will get better - promise! I could barely get up the stairs at first but at some point the stiffness disappeared. But do stretch carefully after your run and maybe again later in the day and again drink plenty. I find a nice hot bath after a run helps but some people swear by running a cold shower over your legs. Maybe give the step machine a skip until you have built up some more fitness! If you're really struggling, ice and ibuprofen will get you through! Keep up the good work. Your blogs are great so we will all be wanting to know how you are getting on! :-)

  • As you progress through this programme (I speak from experience) you may find yourself with the opposite problem to constipation, and having to make like a bear in the woods. Just plan your run to be sure there ARE woods or you're in deep.....trouble.

  • I am clearly getting very blasé. I started out doing the actual runs in normal trousers (and sometimes in a long woollen skirt (through brambles!)Last week I stripped off in a car park to change to run, and this morning I went into the public library post run still in gear and sweat (although I must confess that on seeing one of the librarians who is the parent of one of my son's schoolmates I did discover a sudden need to disappear off into the lonelier reaches of the library in search of a mythical book rather than waiting in the queue to return...)

  • haha, woollen skirt sounds great. I wish I could just run in my jeans and vest! What a sight. I'd look even weirder and probably be chased by police as a suspcious man running from scene / escaped madman.

    Reluctantly putting on the fancy dress to look the part more than receiving any technical benefit clingy lycra tights are supposedly giving me, I claim nil.

  • Constipation and muscle cramping: What jumps out at me is that you are very probably dehydrated (assuming you haven't changed your diet since you started running which could theoretically be an alternate cause). You should be aiming for 6-8 glasses of fluids each day (alcohol or caffeinated drinks don't count - they dehydrate you.) You may need even more if you are sweating a lot. This is a likely cause of constipation and cramping/extremely sore muscles.

    Other plausible causes:

    *electrolyte imbalance - try oral rehydration salts, or even just have some broth-based soup.

    *clenched up tight muscles, including in your bowels - take a warm (not hot) bath with 1-2c epsom salts poured in. Stay at least 15-20 minutes. Epsom salts cause muscles to relax, so this should be great for your legs, but since you are in the bath, they should also relax your... sphincter... which could ease the bowel troubles.

    *increase your insoluble fiber intake - bring on the broccoli and bran.

    *oh, did I mention you should drink more water? Cuz you should. :)

    If you haven't gone after 4 days (total), definitely talk to your doctor. Also, if you have stomach pain, a fever, or if you just want to be sure it is all ok.

  • . . . and think how well you are doing, running whilst carrying all that extra weight internally; you'll fly once you've been!

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