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Week 2, Run 3 - actually dozed off afterwards


More exhausted than ever after today's run. Really struggled on the second half. Slowed right down near to the end and then the customary near-death collapse into car seat. Followed by water, towel, taking photos of my ears and The Archers on the car radio (which, to be fair, puts me to sleep at the best of times) and I actually dosed off!

My fear, now I've found the worrying ICE tag, is I'll wake up dead?! I better fill it in, maybe include username and password so blog can be updated with details of the funeral. You're all expected.

Surprised I'm still at it, good to get into a routine where I just go and don't consider not going. There was an "Ah don't bother" internal voice today as I sat in the car hoping the rain would stop. Will I see it through though? The OCD autistic nerd in me likes a long term project that I can obsess over. Especially something I can log, graph, take screen shots of and monitor like a geek. With that in mind I've been using RunKeeper alongside Laura. The brash American RunKeeper woman couldn't be further from our lovely Laura. Interrupting her with shouts of time and pace. "9 MINUTES PER GOD-DAMN KILO METER ALREADY". Shush. But I do like looking at the GPS generated map and elevation afterwards. Today's elevation very flat indeed. Lovely flat. The route long and straight, then, after I've been told "15 MINUTES ALREADY" I turn on my heal and it's boringly long and straight all the way back. I need something circular and exciting. Possibly a water jump hurdle? (which I will wade through) and somewhere that avoids the lone house that's now covered in chatty roofers.

Taken a peek at Week 3, something about running for 3 minutes? Impossible.

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Hope you are also keeping an account of your previous blogs and how you thought you couldn't finish week 1- and here you are at the end of week 2 :) Every week offers challenges, but each time we face them down :) Keep on blogging, it's great to hear how you are doing.

ROTFL! I almost fell out of my chair by the time I got to the "chatty roofers". Thank gawd my Garmin keeps it's mouth shut...or if it IS talking, I'm too deaf to hear it.....

Good luck with the running and keep these blogs coming....!


Well done Steve, keep going pal, your doing ace!!!!!

So when do we get to see these pictures of your ears? (any particular reason for taking them?) ;)

I'll be donating the photos to medical science. Just being silly. See a previous installment regarding my cavernous left ear vs tiny ipod earphone. Convinced I have some major ear 'ole deformatity. Now I think about it, off to get a ruler.

Hilarious! Haven't laughed so much in ages...reminds me of someone..???...

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A fat, bald, blind Brad Pitt


Lovely blog! You have to keep up the running as your blogs always make me laugh but taking photos of your ear? Why? Is this some runner's ritual previouly unknown to me? Good luck with the roofers! You're probably making their day. Don't worry tho soon it will start raining again and they will all be indoors drinking tea for hours. :-)

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Thanks! Ears... see above, ear symmetry comparison. Or left possibly secretes WD40 during runs, needs more research. :)

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