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Ear infection = no C25K. Drat.

I apologise in advance...*Waaaaaaah!!*

I SHOULD have done Week 5, session 2 today. I was, in a slightly perverse and masochistic way, even looking forward to it.

Instead I am nursing a nasty ear infection (prone to them, long story but this is a bad one), dosing on strong antibiotics and painkillers and feeling pathetically sorry for myself. :( My ear is throbbing, sharp stabbing pains and a raised temperature have me wanting to just curl up and whinge to ANYONE who'll listen. As I'm alone in the house (off sick, which adds to the problem) I'm afraid this forum and all the super people on here are the unlucky recipients of my grumbling.

Sorry :( .

*Ahoohoohoo. Sniff* Now I'll just go and re-fill the hot water bottle and curl up and wait for the day to pass. And hope I can get my trainers on tomorrow.

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Aww hope you feel better soon. I have had an ear problem for many years now so I can totally empathise. You are allowed to feel sorry for yourself....it's SO painful x


Thank you for your good wishes, Angel108. Trying to distract myself and focus on something other than the pain. At least I know, no matter how awful the C25K weeks might be, they won't be this bad!


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