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👂Ear, Ear 👂 Yay, it's fixed!

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I just wanted to give a quick update as I had so many messages of support when I had hearing loss to the one ear that I can usually hear with last Friday. I had a bit of a panic as my other ear is profoundly deaf, and I was struggling to hear at all. My GP referred me back to the fabulous ENT department at Addenbrooke's Hospital and because I'm already on their books with difficulties I got a priority appointment this morning. The consultant had a good look in my ear and said that there was some particles stuck on my eardrum that were probably causing the problem.

I was taken into the treatment room where he then proceeded to use a hoover like piece of equipment (in miniature) which alternated blowing a blast of air into my air to loosen the particles and suction to remove them. It was a bit of an uncomfortable procedure, but once it was finished I was then sent to the audiologist for a hearing test. I was so relieved that my hearing in this ear was restored. It felt a bit funny for a while, but I'm now back to having one ear that works properly.

I have the biggest grin across my face and will be cracking open the fizz later. :-)

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Hey you! ( I am whispering) so glad you are hearing beautifully now :)

The procedure sounds very odd.. and slightly weird! But..it worked! Yeay!

I think, as you know, that you are, amazing! I am raising a glass of fizz to you... right now :)

Cheers, friend :)

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Razouski in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks Oldfloss . I can hear you loud and clear. Yes it was a strange kind of torture, but the outcome was great, so who cares.🤓

lardofale profile image

That's wonderful news, congrats to you ☺

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That's brilliant news, I used to have occasional deafness in both ears due to the same problem, such a relief to get it sorted so quickly. 😁

I have been following this with interest as I have Menieres Disease and with that comes loss of hearing.

It can be handy when Mrs GB is blathering in as I pretend I can’t hear her but I also know what it is like to be totally disorientated by ‘background noise’.

I have to watch people talking so that I can see their mouth as well as I cannot rely on just my hearing.

Right ear seems ok but left ear packed up and moved on a while back.

Thankfully I don’t get the other symptoms these days as much (dizziness, vertigo etc)

So I really am happy for you. I really am.

What I love as well with this forum is how it makes friends of people who may never meet.

I still keep in contact with two people I met from online gaming about 18 years ago. We know all about each other’s families and everything but we have never actually met!

So happy for you. So happy for your Dyson Controlled Eardrum.

I know the difference it can make.

Enjoy the next run.


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lardofaleGraduate in reply to GingerBohemian

Amazing how many people have (or had) related conditions. I had an operation 4 years ago for Cholesteatoma, a middle ear cyst which can eat through the mastoid bone. Very unpleasant and a severe problem for balance and hearing. Great that we're all getting through and enjoying a new lease of life through running and this forum 👍☺

Thanks GingerBohemian and lardofale , when I initially lost my right ear, so to speak, 2 and a half years ago they checked for Ménière's disease but ruled it out. They believe my inner ear was damaged by a virus, and it was so sudden I could tell you he exact day, hour and minute it happened. The vertigo/labrynthritis was awful at first and I was so sick I lost a stone in 10days. Have had all sorts of drugs and treatments but still have problems with BPPV and tinnitus and hyperacusis in the deaf ear. My consultant wants to do a labrynthrectomy to eradicate the vertigo but I'm too scared.

I'm the same about background noise, in fact I can't hear at all in background noise and am reliant on getting up close and watching lips. It's frustrating but now I just tell people, and don't feel so embarrassed anymore.

You're so right about the friendships in the forum, and that's what I love about it too.

Take care, and happy running to you both.

IannodaTruffe profile image

GREAT NEWS.................oh, no need to shout.......

That must be such a relief. I remember suddenly losing hearing in one ear only to find that my ears needed syringing............again a huge relief and you don't realise how much you rely on hearing until it goes.

Totally relieved. To misquote Oscar Wilde, " Loosing one ear may be regarded as a misfortune, but to lose both looks like carelessness." Thank goodness I got one back.

Still smiling 🤓.

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Oh this is so good to read...I am so relieved that your hearing has been fixed...I will raise a glass to you later...you’ll prob hear the cork from there!! Yey!!! 😊

Razouski profile image
Razouski in reply to Mummycav

Thanks, I'm sure I heard that cork earlier this evening. 🤓

Mummycav profile image
MummycavModerator in reply to Razouski

Fabulous....the cork ended up in my neighbours garden....it was the biggest pop for a while!!

vlmiller1225 profile image

Oh I love this post!!!! Hooray! So glad!!! :)

Brilliant.... so glad today went well. So I couldn't not add I ran to the playlist, and Tainted Love... too. So so pleased for you.

Razouski is leading her retro runners again!

Razouski profile image
Razouski in reply to Jancanrun

Yeah hay! I will be running with my beefed up playlist on Monday I hope . Fingers crossed 🤞🏽

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So pleased for you. I suffer from hearing loss myself, so I know how frustrating this must be for you. Fabulous that you have hearing restored in your ear 😀

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Razouski in reply to TJMazz

Yes it's great to get my one good ear back on form. 👍🏽

Thats great news Raz, very pleased your hearing has been restored in your good ear.😊xx

ejvcruns profile image

Great to hear -- thanks for updating us!

skysue16 profile image

Good news - pleased for you 😀

Thats great news😆

Razouski profile image
Razouski in reply to aliboo70

Yes, especially as it means I'll be able to hear the sea on one of my runs this week. Ferry is booked for tomorrow. Isle of Wight here I come.

(I have to make the most of my trip as my dad has put his house up for sale ! )

I am so pleased for you, that must be a major weight off your mind. Take care Rfc x.

Yes, I was so relieved. :-)

Anniemurph profile image

Oh, that's such good news! It must be a huge relief for you :)

Razouski profile image
Razouski in reply to Anniemurph

Thanks. Yes, I was pretty chuffed. :-)

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