W4R3 - Another week bites the dust...

Well, last night we completed the end of week 4. It was a tough one and took all my might to finish the last 5 minute run but I did it. Not much to say about it, I didn't hate it, I didn't love it. What I am excited about is when I get halfway through W5 R2 (one and a half runs time) I will be halfway through the whole programme!


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  • Excellent - well done! Next week is an exciting week - it appears to change gear, but actually you will be pleasantly surprised at how smoothly/easily you can change that gear.

    Keep going - you are doing great!

  • Sounds scary... I'm trying not to look ahead. Saying that every time the podcast starts Laura warns you about what horrors are coming up that run. I wish she wouldn't! Mind you, by the time I get to that point I'm already out the front door anyway.

  • Me too, virtual high 5.

  • Yeay!

    Go you! Out there, doing it and looking so good!

    "Believe you can and you're halfway there..." almost :)

  • Wow, week 5 approaches! How exciting, go for it, one run at a time πŸ˜€

  • Ditto that I've been thinking that too although technically there's a lot more 'running ' to do in the second half ! Did exactly the same run last night - was ok , except Laura abandoned ship just after warm up walk so had to do the timings on my phone stopwatch instead. Onwards to week 5!!

  • my battery died in W4R2 which was annoying!

  • 😫😫 mine was just the podcast acting up - not sure why as I'm a bit of a technophobe! Feel exactly the same about week 5 coming up - not going to look in case I scare myself too much!

  • Although I'm not looking ahead, I did check out the programme fully before starting. I have a week 5 run etched into my mind as having a 20 minute run (or shuffle). I am not feeling optimistic about that. I have a love hate relationship with Laura but I think that may strain the relationship somewhat. Seriously though, the thought of it makes my stomach churn. Any tips for when that run comes round? Other than go slowly, which is something I have expertly perfected already ;)

  • Whoa just read this post - 20 mins ???? Panicking!!

  • I just looked up posts for week 5 and it's the last one. Saying that I'm feeling better about it now because everyone faced it with dread but they have done it. So I can do it too damn it!

    At the start of every run I've done so far I've thought I won't be able to do it, but I've done every run so far so I am keeping the faith and treating it as a mental challenge rather than a physical one which I'm sure when I come to do that run, that will be exactly what it is.

  • Loving to read your growing confidence :) You CAN do it and you WILL do it :) Good luck x

  • Yes, you can do it, both of you Miller2 and Indizulu. I felt exactly the same. I really dreaded that run, but everybody in the forum told me I could do it, and I just went out there and did it - much to my own surprise. The trick is going slow and steady! Trust in the programme, it really works and you are ready when Laura says so.

  • You've all done 16 min running at the end of wk4. First wk5 run is 15 min running. Banish the gremlins!

  • that would also be a good t shirt logo. Banish the gremlins...

  • Ditto, that one will definitely not be run on the hilly route.

  • Noooooo - as flat a route as I can find!

  • The best tip is to KNOW you will do it. Not 'try', but be absolutely certain that you will. Why will you? Three reasons:

    - the plan is designed so that you will be able to do it if you follow the plan

    - you have followed the plan

    - it actually isn't that much more than what you have already done

    Another tip that would have helped me - find some soothing music to listen to on the run, interesting enough to relax into but not jarring and changing every couple of minutes. Something classical would work a treat! That might be a personal thing though...

  • Don't look ahead any more! I dreaded the W5R3 but actually it went fine and I was ready for it amazingly, although I found it hard to believe! Did W6R2 today, so next long run without a break Laura told me at the end, that is Friday for me, gulp!

  • It'll be fine :)

  • Hi Miller , yes you can do it !

    All the weeks runs have laid the foundations for this, this is a test of mental as well as physical strength. This run gave me sleepless nights to be honest, it was like a black cloud looming on the horizon , but I went out there saying to myself that no matter what I would give it my best shot , and not give up.

    I will always remember what I felt like completing that 20 minute run, I was ecstatic , I felt like I was walking on air on my walk home and it really hit home that yes, me!! was capable of so much more than what Id ever given myself credit for .

    Inhale Confidence , Exhale Doubt, Slow, Steady , Believe ! xxx

  • I enjoyed the 20 minute run and congratulated myself afterwards with a black coffee! But I am definitely an early morning shuffler, I really struggle mentally doing it later in the day, strange but proving true!

  • I'm the total opposite. I've tried running in the morning and hated it. I'm definitely a "rum as soon as I get in from work" person.

  • Haha that should have read "run as soon as I get in from work" person. Not RUM. Work isn't that bad just yet...

  • Ha ha ! Giving your secrets away Miller ! :-D xxx

  • Totally agree, evening running is much easier for me than mornings... Not enough time for the breakfast and coffee to have kicked in I think!

  • I have a 45 min commute to work and start at 7.30 amam. Given that I leave at 6.45 I don't want to/cantcan't get up any earlier for the sake of a run.

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