Another run bites the dust :)

W6R2 done. Not my best run. Stupid calf muscle started complaining in the first minute of the first run so went sloooooooooooow and managed to keep going.

On the plus side the sun shone for a little while, the wind was mainly behind me and my nose ran instead of being blocked.

Lots of stretching and leg resting coming up before attempting R3!


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  • Well done good luck with the last run gonna be starting week 6 myself tomorrow

  • Ooh good luck for week 6! I can't wait to get on to R3, whenever my leg is up to it!

  • Well done Ali. Painful calves are not uncommon as your body is still making adjustments and is protesting at being forced to run, even though it would rather not. You might take an anti-inflamm pill before turning into sleep tonight. You can find all sorts of calf exercises to do if you google

    I had calf issue, and a problem ankle and decided to get stronger to support my running,and so now I do exercise DVD's. I think they have made me a stronger runner, and I've got a bit leaner and more toned in the process

    Keep smiling!

  • Thanks MissW! I'll do that at bedtime and look up some exercises - and keep smiling! :)

  • Well done on the second run of this week, it's pretty tough! (Well I found the first two hard going anyway.)

    I reckon you'll be surprised at how well the final run goes.

    Hope your calf feels better soon, I bought some freezing spray which I find helps a lot if I have any pain or discomfort :-) and I'm a lot less messy with it than using ice xxx

  • I'm the same. R1 definitely seemed harder than the full 20 mins from W5R3, and today was like the run that wouldn't end because of my leg.

    Freezing spray sounds good - I'll add some to my little collection!

  • My nose has been a problem, and the bit of skin under my nose got really chapped where it's always got wet cold snot cascading down it! I've started smearing a little Vaseline on before I go out, and try not to keep wiping the snot on my gloves!

  • That's what a buff's for! My nose runs all the time and I've got to the stage now that I just ignore it and hope I don't meet anyone I know!

  • I had a buff on my head but not over my snoot!

  • Oh that was me doing that with the gloves earlier. Gross! Must remember to take a tissue.

  • I took a tissue once and it disintegrated. Proper cotton hankies have the same effect as a glove. I always said I would never do this, but I have been known to block one nostril and then shoot the snot out into the hedge. Classy!

  • Well done Ali, you did it ! Loads of good ideas from Miss W there. One more on this week, then its straight runs all the way.

    Keep going ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks PP! So excited that I seem to be turning into "a runner", especially as I never thought I'd get this far into C25K in the first place! :)

  • But you did it! Stretching is good but have you got a foam roller? It really helps with tight muscles especially the calves. Well done.

  • I have got a foam roller - bought it when my calf was playing up in the earlier weeks. I had it out when I got back this morning and it's coming out again after dinner. It's always my right calf that's the problem. Any time I've ever tried to do any kind of exercise it'll decide to plague me. So frustrating!

  • Well done on getting another out the way, but a real pain about your calf

  • Well done Ali! Hope the roller and anti-inflammatories help with your calf x

  • Hope your calfs behave. Pains and aches are not fun when you're trying to run.

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