NEWSFLASH - Couch potato completed the Race for Life........ WOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Firstly i'd like to thank all of you who posted a message on my last blog for all your support and encouragement for my FIRST ever 5k on sunday.

I managed a time of 45 mins, not fast i know but i did it!!! It was such a wonderful day, sad, poignant, uplifting but above all FUN. It was that much fun i've already signed up for the 10K next year!!!

It was hard going but doable. All i could think about was the other C25Kers and how far we all have come and that spurred me on. I came to the last 200 meters which was a slight hill but felt like a mountian! I wanted to stop as was absolutley shattered and as i turned the corner there were about 10 of my family members cheering and shouting for me and my cousin, who also did it. I nearly burst into tears and thought 'i can't stop now' and we semi sprinted to the finish line! Where we found the energy from i'll never know.

Thank you to everyone for their inspirational blogs and all your support.....

Couldn't have done it without you :) xxxxx


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23 Replies

  • Very well done and a great time too :)

  • Thank you! I hope to graduate then work on my tme for next year!

  • Congratulations! Who would have thought there was a couch potato ( ex- couch potato that is) completing that event! Well done!

  • I know! i can't quite believe it myself!! Thank you x

  • Well done! I did mine in the same time, we may not be the fastest but we are "faster than the couch" :)

    Keep up the good work.

  • Ha ha ha! Well done to you too. And yes we are faster than the couch!!!

  • Fantastic! Look back a few months and imagine yourself doing the Race For Life. Almost unbelievable isn't it! Onwards and upwards now! :)

  • You're right HollyO, i could't have seen myself running for the bus a few months ago but i've actually signed up for the 10K next year!!!

  • Very inspiring - and very well done!!

  • Thank you poulet. My inspiration is members of the community, like yourself x

  • Congratulations job well done.Its people like you that drive me,i just started the program yesterday and im so sore in my quads that i can barely walk and forget about the steps.Great Job

  • Well done justtom, i remember how sore i was the first few runs. Try to do some light stretching before and after and i always made sure i had a bit of a soak afterwards too!

    I honestly can't believe that 7 weeks ago i was struggling with w1r1 and i've just done a 5K!! No matter how hard it feels at times just do your best and if you have to repeat a run oh well, most of us have at least 1 we struggle with!

    Keep it up and let us know how you get on :)

  • Very well done. Park run next???

  • Possibly.... as daft as it sounds i think 'am i fit enough to do a parkrun!'. I must be mad of course i am!! lol x

  • Of course you are...go for it!

  • Well done! I've got my first race next week and already starting to get very nervous!!

  • AliB1 you will easily do it, although i must confess i was very nervous beforehand too!

    Good luck and let us know how you get on x

  • Brilliant! Not slow at all, well done onwards and upwards, 10 k terrifies me!!!

  • and me but think i'm going to start training for it post holiday in August

  • To be honest PatButcher and AliB1 i enrolled for the 10k whilst still on the high from the 5k lol!

    Oh well, at least i have a year and with the new podcasts coming soon i should (fingers crossed!) be ok !!

  • I wish I had your enthusiasm, I have been telling myself I will do a ten k since graduating but still struggling with 5k :)

  • Well done, so great to hear these reports. Makes me more determined to complete it :)

  • I have my race for life next week. I will be extremely happy if i manage to finish in 45 minutes!!

    Well done!

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