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Couch to 5K
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My first race/race for life!

I was really looking forward to doing this today despite wind and rain !

What an atmosphere! I have always been a bit cynical about the mass of pink / tutus etc but it was so friendly and I was choked up most of the time with all the personal stories. Running for my dad who sadly died from cancer 5 years ago , but also as a celebration of my being 4 years now post breast cancer treatment. This was a personal thank you for all those around me who have supported me and also a celebration of running and couch to 5k too!

I was in the first few "grown up" runners at the start and started off too quickly, and had to walk a minute half way through..not knowing the route was uphill initially...finished in 28 minutes, so chuffed! 10k race now in September and now seems realisable! Thank you all for your on-line inspiration and stories as that is a big part of what what pushed me on with this running malarkey!! ! :)

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Congratulations and well done! :)


What a fantastic achievement, your times is really good!!! (something I can only dream off!). Your dad would have been very proud


Congratulations and a fantastic time (I wish!) I got myself round by reading the backs of peoples shirts and feeling so grateful for at least being there. Godd on you for doing it!


Fantastic time for a great event. Well done you.


nice run Bonnie, good time as well.

You must be really pleased with yourself.


Congratulations Bonnie! Great time and you must be really proud.


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