Happy :) Race for life done!

Well today I did the race for life, We got there really early and the sun was shining, As the people started turning up we were reading the back signs and I got really emotional, It took me by surprise, but I had a few moments where I couldn't stop the tears. Everyone there had a story to tell and everyone had pretty much been touched by Cancer in some way....scary :(

I decided to start with the joggers as the runners were looking to do it in 20-25 minutes and I knew I couldn't do that! The ground was boggy and even before I reached the start line my feet were wet!

Well, I jogged my little socks off, I had a couple of high fives with my OH and 4 year old boy and I crossed the finish line in 30 minutes and 52 seconds :)

YAY me!!! I am so proud of myself and with your help I raised loads of dosh :)

I even pinned a c25k grad pic on my top to honour all of you and I thought of you all the way around. You have spurred me on and I am truly grateful :)

I have to confess to having a rather large burger at the end...oops!

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  • How fantastic for you, well done, you look so happy xxx You deserved the burger!!!!!!

  • Made me just a little emotional reading your blog...well done you!!! I bet you are proud and so you should be!!! :) One day I'll catch you.

    Hope you enjoyed the burger!!!

  • Thanks lovelies! The burger was awesome, I even had onions, cheese AND burger sauce on it and I don't even know what burger sauce is!!! I am a rebel :)

  • Well done!You definitely deserved the burger, and its never right without onions and cheese :P

  • Brilliant matey so proud of you!!! My Dad passed away from Pancreatic Cancer in Feb 2011 and I am running a 10k at the end of June in honour of him!

  • omg! good luck to you and thank you for your kind words :)

  • Well done! Sounds like a good race and a great time too :) You deserved the burger with all the toppings!

  • Very well done, i am running in Race for Life in July, and when i finish i may well have a burger too

  • Well done! And so fast!! Fantastic :)

  • Well done you! you earned that burger, cheese and all!

    Great time as well, Great stuff :)

  • Congratulations on fund raising and doing it with such good style, what a fast time, well done.

  • Fantastic, well done, that's a good time!

  • Brilliant! fantastic time and now really looking forward to race for life in June! Will prepare for the tears!! :)

  • Excellent that's a fantastic achievement and a truly well deserved burger!!! Well done!! :)

  • Fantastic, well done you and a brilliant time, superb. I hope there's burgers at mine too! Roll on July 8th :)

  • Well done what a brilliant result.

  • Brilliant! Such a good time too! I would have had a burger with everything on it as well! :-)

  • Fantastic, well done! A great time too! That burger sounds delicious!

  • Well done. I did race for life today as well and I agree about the emotional bit. What a great day too for such a worthy cause. Burger well deserved :)

  • Thanks Pat for the inspiration, only 2 weeks to go till mine. Don't think i could do it in that time though, but have practiced the run and its not flat!!

  • nice, great time, well done Pat!

  • Fantastic Pat! What a great time too. You def deserved your burger!

  • wow really impressed by your time ! well done

  • Very well done! from a newbie who hopes to run a race for life too, in honor of her dad...

  • Well done on doing the race for life and a brill time to/ Hope you enjoyed the burger. both my grandparents had concer and lucklily survived these people who ran in memories of loved ones show they never forget.

    Well done to u and every one else who took part

  • Congratulations! You are an inspiration to the rest of us. :)

  • Thank you all so much for your lovely words, I am still buzzing :) Good luck to all of you doing the race for life this year, enjoy it cos it's fabulous! :)

  • That's a great time. You've definitely earned the burger!! Well done you.

  • Amazing time!! well done to you :)

    Looking forward to my race for life run in July :)

  • fantastic i a m doing it in july . great inspiration cant wait for my burger at the end now lol

  • Well done on doing the race and in such an awesome time! :)

    What are your next plans!

    Olympics!!!! :):):)

  • What a fabulous achievement! Many congratulations :-)

  • running for my dad in July. Well done you x

  • Well done! I'm running this next month, but with my 8 year old daughter, so don't expect to be jogging the whole time x

  • I am considering a ten K...Think I've gone mad!!!:)

  • Fantastic time, well done. Got a little emotional reading your blog. Proud to be a C25Ker. :)

  • Well done Pat, great time too and may I say, never was a burger more richly deserved!!

  • Well done Pat! I'm doing the race for life in June - I lost my dad to pancreatic cancer 8 years ago and still miss him, cried on Sunday when his team Man City won because I so wanted him to be able to enjoy that. Your time is fantastic - and yes I agree with everyone else that burger was well deserved! Xx

  • well done Pat, inspirational emotional post.. time was fantastic!! go for the 10k girl.. no reason why not eh..well done!

  • Have just downloaded a Bridge to 10k podcast...Gulp! ;)

  • Well done!!! Fab time as well :biggrin:

  • THANK YOU!!! :)

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