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Week 8 Run 2 - Heavy legs!

Having completed the Race for Life on Sunday I decided that I could definitely run for 28 minutes this morning. I headed for the rec (how nice not to be stuck behind other people!), and got about half way round by the end of my 5 minute warm-up walk. I set out at a reasonable pace and realised that my legs felt really quite stiff and heavy. I hoped that they would either get less so, or that I would get into enough of a rhythm that I could carry on regardless. And that (the latter) is more or less what happened. I actually found myself enjoying some of the run!

When Laura told me that I was half-way I was feeling a little bit tired but told myself I would be running for 7½ minutes less than I ran on Sunday and I kept going. With 5 minutes to go, Laura told me I should be tired. Tick! With 1 minute to go I, nevertheless, dug in and went a little bit faster. I was just shy of 9 times round the rec, so I did about 4K. Not too shabby, I reckon.

One more 28 minute run (it's OK to count my 35½ minute 5K as run 1 of this week, isn't it?) and then I'm on to my final week. At this rate, I should graduate next Wednesday.

When I first started this programme I would count off each run with "run no. n completed. Only (27-n) runs to go until I achieve my goal" and n was quite small and (27-n) seemed quite big. But today n=23 and I have only 4 more runs to go until I achieve my goal. It's amazing how far I've come in a relatively short time.

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Fantastic - well done too on your Race for Life. You've done brilliantly and only a few runs to go to the graduate badge!


I'm looking forward to getting my shiny graduate badge. But it's not going to happen until next Friday now. Latest post explains why...


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