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I'm not sure what has happened. I did the race for life 8 days ago, and it was really good, best time ever, euphoria etc. I knew the next run might be tough, so I took it slow and somehow felt achey and sluggish. The next run was a treadmill and I didnt enjoy it at all. So yesterday was a week to the day after RfL and now I really didnt want to go out. Sneakily took the dog pretending this would be OK, but really I knew that she couldnt do it and so I wouldnt have to!! Sure enough, after 20 minutes of slowish running (and 1 poo stop) she starts walking. So I went home. But in my heart I feel I have lost my motivation. I am going to try this Canix idea of running with the dog, but gradually building up her fitness, and I hope that this will re-enthuse me. Has anyone else lost their mojo when there isnt a target (like end of C25K, or RfL)? And does anyone else do Canix?


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5 Replies

  • The same happened to me after I graduated and took about 4 runs before I felt motivated again. I am still flying high on the euphoria of my Race for Life which was yesterday and a PB for me too. I have a nagging thought that I might be heading down again too! I dont really have a plan and I know I need one. Maybe a Parkrun or find another 5K. Good luck to you :)

  • OK Cupcakes, Your goal was to get to the Race for Life and you did this and did it well:)

    Now you need to get your stilettos off and decide whether you want to continue running with a NEW goal (and there are a million to choose from) or go back to before; i.e running not in your life.

    Race for Life was a fantastic achievement but I think you have a lot more in you.

    The dog will pick up on your own vibes and she will opt out if you do!

  • Actually I love stilettos, so maybe leave them on!!!

  • I have every sympathy and I find that quite normal after a race, something about the event hypes you up and the next run or two are really flat.

    Don't worry keep on trucking (assuming you stil want to) and it'll come back. I just got used to it and had forgotten. Don't make any serious life choices while in the post race slump.

    However I bumped into the Canix crowd on one of my runs and they looked to be having a lot of fun.

    Keep your chin up.

  • Know how you feel. I am struggling along not really making any progress at the moment and am finding it hard to get motivated. Just hanging on in there making myself do 2 5k runs a week ( one of them a park run ), a gym or Nordic walk too.

    Am planning on getting my youngest dog and I kitted up with a Kisi belt and harness so he can come out with me but desperately need the new podcasts to come out to give me a focus.

    Don't think this rotten wet weather helps. I used to come in from work itching to put my trainers on and get out. Not in this!

    Hey ho......

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