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Upset! Annoyed ! Angry grrr :-(

I set out to do Week 7 ? Run 1 tonight and was getting along quite well until some bloody yappy dog was at my ankles and i could'nt get pass it! Now I am a dog owner but if dog is with me wether I am running or not I always have him pulled in and sat down to let runners pass even cyclists! Thats because I am a responsible dog owner really gets me angry when other dog owners do not do this! Clearly to much to ask i guess ! And because of this dog I lost the plot completely with breathing and running mode and did not make the last 4 mins grrrr ! So am going to do it again and will not let a dog get the better of me next time!

Moan over feel better now :-)

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Sounds more like rat than a dog.

Very annoying.

I can't stand dogs not on a lead, I have a public path through the field near me, and often dogs come running through my garden with their owners 10 minutes behind them. And we have sheep that have been attacked.

I feel your frustration, I really do.


I have found most dog owners very good at keeping their dogs to one side when I pass on my bike or jogging. And I always appreciate not needing to worry that they will take a bite at me.

But that is ignorant behaviour. I would have been mad too. Maybe you should have given it an (ahem) accidental kick as you ran past.:)

No, sorry. Scratch that. Not the dog's fault, it's the owner that needs correcting.


Well I was gutted walking my dog this evening when she disturbed a runner. Normally I'd get to her in good time to ensure they weren't troubled but I didn't have the lead, my husband did so there was a delay in me getting it. For some reason she behaved as if this woman was another dog to play with (never seen her do that before with a 'strange' human, though I guess she's never had the chance). Only a few moments and of course I apologised but embarrassing for me and possibly scary for the runner if she is afraid of dogs. (It would of course happen when my husband was there as he doesn't like dogs and doesn't like our dog and had a bit of a rant about it.... he doesn't like runners either but he evidently likes them more than dogs... mind you, she was very pretty!)

Although I have to say that I get quite fed up that we're always the bottom of the pile, everyone (including other dog owners) have their own very specific etiquette that you are supposed to know and some (more than a few) runners and cyclists don't trouble to say thank you or acknowledge in any way that we have deferred to their needs and our walk or run has been interrupted. (It's worse than children and I have a child with a neurological disorder which causes challenging behaviour)

(BTW I've had pet rats. They definitely don't yap.)


Hmm its give and take but alot more take than give and some are very rude! Sometimes they look at me like I am an alien lol maybe its the jelly legs i have by end of run haha


My Dad used to have a lot of trouble with dogs when out running and was always coming back with tales of having barneys with owners and having threatened to kick dogs... but then he is the kind of human who barks instead of wagging his tail as a way to communicate, if you catch my drift. I doubt he persuaded any dog owners to put their dog on a lead if a runner hoves into view, nor to take up running! One of many reasons I always thought running was not for me because I didn't want to become that kind of self obsessed arse. (Of course, I am posting here regularly so I have not been entirely successful in that aim!)


Yep its up to the owners to keep their dog under control. The thing is they would not be at all pleased if someone did kick thier dog through fright or by accident so its common sense to keep then in about on a short lead unless they are on open ground.


I had a dog get in the way whilst out running recently - it was a little thing, walking along just in front of it's owner (not on a lead). I went across to the opposite side of the pavement to avoid it, but at the last minute it swerved across in front of me and nearly sent me flying! I'm not sure how I could possibly have avoided this, unless I stopped as they were approaching and waited for them to pass, which would have interrupted my session considerably. How do dog owners suggest runners can make things easier in similar circumstances?

I do wish people would control dogs better. They're hardly seem to be on leads round here, and I find it quite scary when large dogs which I don't know come running up to me.


Don't kick the dog; kick the owner. Much more satisfying. Failing that, I find a very loud shout at close range to be quite effective. If it's a lardy, chavvy type you may need to lace it with some f-words to ensure understanding. And then you can always run away from the owner; after all you are, by definition, fitter than they are!!


Haha that has made me laugh thank you


I have 3 very good dog owners to thank today. I passed them all quite near the start of my run at various points, and none of the dogs (none on leads) bothered me at all, just walked past me. when I got back to my car all three ladies were waiting for me. I wondered what on earth I had done, until they asked me if I had lost anything! Apparantly I had dropped my car keys out of my pocket literally a few yards into the 5 min warm up walk. One of the ladies had seen them, they thought they may belong to me so waited for my return. Good job I'm getting faster!!! they were wondering what to do with the keys if I had not arrived back soon. They could have taken the car So not all dog owners are bad.



Sorry, ~I agree, it's inconsidrate dog owners who give the rest of you a bad name:(

Hope the next run is dog free for you :)


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