Week 9 run 3 - the dogs and I have graduated!

Yes, my canine coaches and I have now officially completed the C25K programme, and with a really great run, too! For some reason, which probably seemed like a good idea at the time, I decided to use a cross-country route to finish off in style. OK, so after a couple of days of heavy rain, it maybe wasn't the most sensible choice. But the sun was shining, a gentle breeze was blowing and we kept going all the way. We even got rather further than when I used the same route for W9R1.

So, liberally splattered with mud, with soaked running shoes and after inhaling quite a few bugs (newcomers, please take note - there is a reason why Laura says "breath in through your nose and out through your mouth"), I've achieved my goal, albeit a few weeks later than planned. It may be some time before I'm ready for Phase 2 (a 5k CaniX race), but considering the improvements since W1R1 - was it really that hard to run for 60 seconds? - I'll hopefully get there eventually.

In the mean time, I think it's time for some running-related retail therapy! Not just for me - the dogs are due some proper CaniX harnesses, too :-)


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  • Well done you ! And a special pat for the dogs :)

  • He he! Well done :D we need graduation badges for the pooches too, don't you think?

    I'm in the process of trying a harness pets@home have just released - it's designed to STOP pulling but looks similar to CaniX so I thought I'd give it a go to see how Yoda gets on with it; anything's got to be better than that look on his face when I had to pull him up quickly with a neck collar and his tongue sort of stuck out sideways :S

    Look forward to hearing your progress!

  • I want a steward's enquiry! Is running with dogs not akin to getting a tow behind a car? I want to borrow a couple of dogs to get me up the hills round by me.

    Just kidding - congratulations on graduating.

  • The occasional uphill tow is more than made up for by the number of times I've got tangled in leads and nearly been pulled into hedgerows, as well as the need to give verbal commands to keep the dogs on the right track. Still, couldn't have done it without them! :-)

  • Well done Stealthrunner and doggies :)

    Your blog is very timely because I was just going to post a question about waist harnesses for doggies - I know that Team Tia mentioned Kisi belts - does anyone have any experience of these and if so which one is best?


    Also I guess that the dog needs a harness rather than a collar which would put too much strain on the neck?

  • Yes, you definitely need a harness for your dog. You want to encourage your dog to pull a bit during runs, and not only does a proper harness make this more comfortable for the dog, but you avoid your dog getting confused about when to pull (during runs) and when not to pull (during walks) by always attaching a lead to its collar. It's a bit much to expect a dog to make the distinction without clear clues, like putting a harness on (permission to pull).

    The old skijoring belt I've been using is similar to the padded Canix harnesses on the Kisi website. I found that this suits my problematic back quite well, but I do get sweaty underneath it. The lightweight version would solve this problem, but I think my back needs the padding and the more even weight distribution. Having promised myself some retail therapy, I may well be putting in an order for a padded belt with bottle holder and pocket though - that's one thing I've really missed on the skijoring belt, especially now that the weather has turned a bit warmer and I could really do with taking some water along. With the lightweight harness, you could probably add a purpose-made runner's bumbag to take your stuff along.

    Matching belt, double-ended lead and dog harnesses - now we're talking!

  • Just spoken with them at Kisi and they were very helpful. They can make up whatever you want and have advised me to get the standard belt (with bottle holder and pocket), lead and harness for young Fox. I just have to measure us both and send them the details. I will have a black and pink belt but Fox being a macho boy terrier will have black I think. He is still trying to live down being taken out with his sisters neon pink lead!

    Should be around Β£100 worth. Gulp.

  • Could you please let me know how you get on with the belt? I'm particularly keen to find out if the bottle stays put or jiggles about - hate it when they do! If it's OK, I'll contact them and ask if they can make me one with a couple of straps on the rear to take a jacket.

  • Will do. Need to get the tape measure out. Think I might need help to get him to stand still!

    They were very helpful...

  • Congratulations! And a well deserved doggy biscuit for the dogs x

  • Congratulations to you and your dogs, well done. I really envy you your running companions, it must be such fun.

    > BTX4 just remember when ordering the new harness for young Fox he really does deserve a blue or black one, his street cred must be seriously damaged going out 3 times a week wearing his pink lead!!!

  • Lol :)

  • Congratulations to you and your doggies! :) I might look into those belts too! :)

  • congratulations graduates! I haven't told my dogs I'm doing the podcasts in case they sulk! What do you do with them on rest days? I run on a treadmil but the one time I tried an outdoor run, my husband took the dogs out before me to collect up all the dog mess so I wouldn't have to watch where i was putting my feet in the grass! That's support! :D

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