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I'm so excited, even as I shuffle along!

I couldn't wait to run again after RFL on Sunday. But I have been hobbling a bit when walking with the right calf hurting and just feeling tight.Thought my planned run of easy 30 minutes would do me some good. I shuffled through and loved it, but I have to say it really hurt. Right leg, front towards the left.

Sat here now with an ice pack, but not really sure what it is, so not sure what to do. I stretched loads after run.

But I couldn't stop thinking about the half marathon during the 30 minutes and I can't tell you how excited I am.

Will have a rest day tomorrow and see how it feels.

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how long off is the half marathon that is worth being excited about.

I too am having calf trouble but they just felt very tight when I had been running about 5 mins so no advice I am afraid.


Mid September; ages a guess but I am onweek 3 of the 12 week plan so quarter of the way there!


And we do this for fun :-D


Frightening really - got your kit mud free yet??


My shoes are OK the rest seems to be permanently "branded".

I shall wear the spatters as a badge of pride.



Time to change brand of washing powder ;)

I can never get mine clean....

oooh, sorry, womens issues?


Silly me, I meant shin, as it's at the front.

Who could have thought that running in pain can still be fun; I think I've gone slightly mad :O


What program are you following now? or are you doing your own thing? Hope your leg feels better soon, i still ache so having an extra days rest after Sunday :)


An extra days rest sounds good; I ummmed and arrred about running today but was eager and thought a running (shuffle)stretch would be good.

I have learnt over the months that if you don't go running when you want to, you generally regret it.

Anyway, after ice it seems to have got better :) I think we really pushed ourselves on Sunday!!

I'm following the Bupa half marathon training programme. Didn't know what to do, so thought this was as good as any....

Hope you feel up to a light run tomorrow!


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