Couch to 5K

Wk6R3 and laura says I'm a runner!

got this 25 minute run out of the way today and am thinking it's fortunate there are 3 more at this distance 'cos, boy, do I need 'em! Covered 4.5k in the 35 minutes of the podcast but I had to do the last 5 minutes of the run section at 7.5kph instead of my usual 8.5k. I couldn't respond with greater speed even when Laura said I should go faster so that I could finish on a high- however, she doesn't seem to have held it against me, because she told me I was a runner! That's enough of a high for me :)

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You're doing great, 'swimmer! I'm sure Laura understood you were going as fast as you

Have are almost there....


Did mine yesterday, and had I any spare breath, would have laughed at Laura's suggestion of speeding up the last 60 seconds! Not gonna happen yet!


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