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Off Topic, But I'm Celebrating!

This has nothing to do with running, but I thought I'd share it with everyone here because it's a huge weight off my shoulders.

My PCT, after three months of me, my GP, and two of the managers from the CCG fighting for it, has agreed to fund my testosterone on the NHS!

For those of you who haven't read my "about me", I'm a trans guy and taking hormones is a HUGE part of my transition process. I'm also a single parent of a severely autistic child. Due to the amount of care and supervision he requires, I am unable to work outside of the home and my only source of income is benefits.

Having my hormones funded on the NHS means less stress and worries about how I'm going to be able to afford the next month's prescription.

So YAY!!

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Its good to share good news! Iam glad you wanted to share it with us on here. We talk about running changing our lives - but your life truly is changing and the running is your constant. Very best of luck to you. :)


Thanks, HollyO. The last year has been a real changing point for me. I'll go in more detail in another blog later this week, but the short of it is in 12 months, I've lost nearly 20 lbs in weight and started hormones. This time next year, I'll hopefully be down to a 28-30 inch waist and almost as healthy/fit as I was back in high school. :)


Well done on making some very major changes in your life, and for sharing that with us. Good luck on your treatment and I hope life gets easier for you in looking after your son. And of course, keep on running!



Thanks, CaroleC! W2R2 is on Wednesday. Hopefully the puddles have dried up a bit by then. Don't mind the rain as it keeps me cool, but I don't really like wet legs and feet! :P


Thanks for sharing! A reminder that running isn't all physical...worry can be a heavy weight to carry. Glad you are shedding that.

Keep up the good running...and be happy!


Thank you, Grammadog. I hate stress and running can be a very good way to blow off some steam, so to speak. :) Still, not having the worries is even better!


Well done you! Nice to hear good news. Thanks for sharing and good luck.


What great news glad thats one worry off your mind.


Good news and a brave step by you. Getting funding from a PCT was against the odds in this finnacial climate. Don't forget the running though!!!


Great news! Thanks for sharing, it's easy to forget that people have lives outside of running! Brilliant result and I hope it makes a difference for you xxx


Wow, that really is good news and the PCT deserve a thumbs up too for being on the front foot, and supporting you, instead of being on the back foot and defending their position not to fund, as is the case so many times over.

I think my case will be more difficult to win than yours, I'm Trans Woman, but don't want the full re-assignment, would really appreciate the hormones though, that's a conversation I'll be starting later this month ...

I love the last line of your profile ... I am so going to steal the wording ... Feminine pronouns only though, please ... ;-)

Good luck to you in everything that you face, but especially with your son, your Trans Journey, and your running .... keep us informed ....

Christene x

PS, I have recently asked if I could create a Gender / Trans forum .... talking to the Uber Admins just now ...


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