Hooray! I'm a graduate!

... I'd like to say it was no sweat but as usual there was plenty of that (fortunately no blood or tears). I have found W9 a bit of a slog at times, in fact the whole of c25k has been a challenge - but the sense of achievement is wonderful. I can't quite believe that in just 10 weeks (I took a week out for holiday) I've gone from seemingly endless minute long runs to running for 30 minutes which I think is probably the longest I've ran unbroken in my life, this programme really works - to anyone considering it I would say go for it.

Thanks to stayinbed blogging about Google maps I've calculated my run distance for the first time this week & was amazed to discover that I ran 5.1km on R1. On R2 I seem to have run 5.4km, which was probably a combination of changing my route, getting confused and thinking I was behind time and so pushing myself harder than usual and then rising to the challenge of outrunning a bus (not as impressive as it sounds, there were 2 traffic lights & three bus stops involved :-) ). Today I knocked the control on my mp3 player which I was using to time myself and so I'm unsure of my exact time, I think I ran slower than R2 (certainly a more comfortable pace) & the bus beat me today too... I don't care though, it was a good run, more fun than pushing myself to the limit.

This community here has been a huge help, reading all about you lot and your experiences both good and bad has made me feel galvanised, fortified and at times humbled. So many people do this with health issues, weight problems etc and I have had none of those obstacles to overcome, I have huge respect for all of you who do but do this anyway (or perhaps because) and keep your determination in mind in the difficult moments of my runs. Having said that although I started out reasonably fit I am undoubtedly much fitter than before, I get my breath back quicker and my bp is lower - a very good reason to keep at this running lark don't you think?

Off for a celebratory meal tonight with my husband & son, I may even have a glass of wine... :-)


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  • Well done. Its good to know you got there and even better for us beginners that you started the programme feeling the same as us newbees. Enjoy ur meal and a large glass of wine.

  • Thanks newstart1, keep at it & you'll get there too - my best wishes for your c25k journey. :-)

  • wonderfully inspiring post and very well done to you ...currently starting week 6 today and echo what a superb programme this is

  • Thanks magicdragon, good luck with the rest of c25k - it will fly by. :-)

  • That's lovely news. Well done and have a great celebration! Bet husband and son are as proud as you :)

  • Thanks happierswimming, they are proud of me & I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have kudos from my 14 year old son.

  • Wonderful, I am so happy for you! It is so very nice to read of your challenges along the way when there are days I just know (in my head) I can't do this. You are an inspiration!!!

  • Thanks gdeann, a good part of c25k is overcoming those gremlins, you can do it & the sense of achievement will make it more than worthwhile - best of luck with the rest of C25k. :-)

  • Great stuff notbad, what a lovely blog, I wish I could write a blog the way all you lovely people do, I am nearly there W9 R3 either tomorrow or Sunday depends on how much vino I have tonight.:-) :-) Pat

  • Thanks Pat, good luck with with W9 R3 you're almost there - I'll look out for your graduation blog. :-)

  • Congratulations. I'm sure I'm in for a set back or two before I get to the heady heights of graduation but it's fantastic to see someone achieve their goal, keeps me motivated.

  • Thanks Chewy, keep at it and you'll get there - you're building fitness all the time. :-)

  • Congratulations notbad. :) You must be feeling very proud of your achievements. Enjoy your meal and wine. Have you decided on your post-c25k plan?

  • Thanks Legion, I certainly feel like I've earned this celebration - not long to your graduation too, I'll keep an eye out for your blog.

    Post C25k hmm.... I think I'm going to stick with the 30 minutes 3 times a week for a while. I quite like the idea of increasing to a 7k or beyond, maybe try the 5k+ to build stamina & speed. Ultimately I'd love to do the Great North Run, but that's over 13 miles so I'm a way off that now, still if C25k has taught me anything it's never underestimate yourself. :-) How about you? Any plans?

  • I'd love to do this greatgorillarun.org/index.html which is 7K, to support Gorilla conservation, but I don't think I'd be ready for this year's run (only 3 weeks away!) It would be so great if we could enter an NHS c25k team and would really promote the programme. Maybe I should suggest it to John...

  • That's a great idea Legion, I read about that run in The Big Issue when we were down in London a few weeks ago, sounds really good fun - if a bit hot dressed as a gorilla! :-)

  • Yes, I supect a whole new training schedule would be required to run in that suit! Especially if we have an Indian summer. ;)

  • Massive congratulations!! enjoy the evening with your family - you deserve a treat :-D

    I have 1 run left and I've not let myself think about celebrations yet - a nice meal a glass of wine and perhaps a graduation tshirt might be in order

  • Thanks Moosele, enjoy your graduation run and the sense of achievement it will bring - I'll look out for your blog & give you a cheer. :-)

  • Well done notbad. Enjoy that glass of wine.

  • Thanks AnnaDJ, I certainly did enjoy my glass of wine... :-)

  • Congratulations notbad on your graduation. Enjoy your self tonight - you deserve a celebration!! :)

  • Thanks Fraz73, good luck with your C25k journey - you'll hit graduation before you know it. :-)

  • Huge congratulations and thanks for a lovely blog! Have a great celebration and enjoy your badge and post-graduation runs!

  • Thanks suki_007, hope you're enjoying your post-grad runs too. :-)

  • I am enjoying them even more than I did on the C25K programme, I'm fairly obsessed now... at least it's on of the better obsessions though!

  • Well done, it's lovely to hear graduation stories... helps the rest of us resolve to keep going and join you there one day, glass of wine and all.

  • Thanks, you're an inspiration beatasthma, my son has asthma and at the moment he finds he can't run for long because of it, I'm hoping he can overcome it like you are.

  • So glad to see you've done it notbad! Congratulations and....what, just the one glass of wine?

  • Yay we both did it stayinbed! I just had the one glass of wine but it was THIS big... :-)

  • As long as you enjoyed it notbad!!!

  • Congrats! I hope to be saying similar words in a few weeks time. Posts like this remind me that with dedication I'll be able to achieve my goal.

  • You certainly will. This programme was worked out by very clever people! Good luck angie123!

  • Congratulations, Notbad! Lovely graduation blog, and nice that your last C25K run was so enjoyable. Now onto life as a post-graduate! Hope your celebration meal with your proud family went well (hic).

  • Thanks Soozz, it was a lovely celebration. Had my first post-grad run today, not feeling on top of the world but pushed on, took a more relaxed pace and didn't quite make the 5k in 30 but my aim is to work on my stamina. Not long to your graduation, I'll keep an eye out for your blog and give you a cheer! :-)

  • Thanks, Notbad! Should graduate by next w/e if things go according to plan (ha!). Well done for gettin straight into the postgrad running, good luck with th stamina - are you going to use Laura's podcasts? My goal is to tackle some hills, I can't avoid them for much longer!

  • Good luck with those hills! I'm not very good on any sort of incline and so far have planned my route fairly flat. I've not ventured into the 5k+ podcast yet, just using my own music at the moment, but probably will give them a go.

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