I'm binning it off

I've decided the c25k program is not for me. So I'm binning it off.

That's not to say I'm giving up on my goal to run the park run in a respectable time. That's still one of my goals and I'm still going to train for it. But c25k is not the plan for me.

I'm not knocking it. It's clearly very motivational for many, and that's a good thing. But I figured I train hard enough at martial arts, and as much as I enjoy that, I think that's enough training. The addition of running into my regime needs to be a bit less goal oriented and a bit more leisure that just happens to support my goals. To that end, for now, I'm sticking with see how far I can get in 30 minutes, without it feeling like work. I'm up to 2.1 miles at the moment.


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  • The structure is extremely flexible and probably the least goal oriented of any running plan out there, while it maintains a steady increase in load to help avoid injury. If you are going your own way, I would recommend keeping the plan handy for reference and also to be familiar with the 10% rule, stating you should not increase a long run by more than 10% of your weekly mileage, to avoid injury.

    Your contributions to the forum have been interesting, with your martial arts perspective. Sorry to lose you. Best of luck.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • I wasn't planning on giving up on the forum (unless I have to if not following c25k? ).

    I'm still hoping to share health and training tips, and still intend to reach the 5k goal. The only thing that I'm giving up on is the formal training plan.

    I'm partly put off because right now, I'm in one of my phases where I'm worthy of my chosen username. I'm nursing a minor hamstring injury, and I've also managed to injure both butt cheek muscles by overstretching because I was bored and pushed too far (that's when I suddenly discovered that my hamstrings are considerably stronger than my glutes, which is something else I need to address).

    So from now on, for the running, I'm going for very relaxed. Run round the park for half an hour, walking if I get too tired or sore, running again when I feel like it, stop to look at the flowers. Run a bit more. And generally train without it being training.

  • You might want to check out Jeff Galloway method? He extols the virtues of walk run walk method to avoid injury but achieve results.. Some people swear by it. Please do keep posting.

  • Good luck in whatever you chose to do. I am not surprised you don't want to continue with this. You are already running for 30 minutes comfortably by the sound of it, which is the end goal of this program.

  • Not quite. I run and walk. I'd say without getting the stop watching out, it's about 50/50 between running and walking.

  • You do your martial arts, you do run/walk ... sounds good to me! As you have already been reminded, don't overdo increments and save yourself even more injury problems. Good luck, and YES PLEASE keep posting even if you've given up C25K itself. Personally I've added in a local running club's beginners section and Parkruns (not every week, just some weeks). Result is I'm really starting to enjoy it.

  • Your plan of running around the park a bit, walking if it gets difficult, running again, looking at the flowers etc sounds exactly in keeping with C25K, that's how I interpreted it anyway, and pretty much what I do when I go out. Some people need a plan they can follow to the letter, some just want to enjoy their running. It's been a long time for me since I did nonstop running, I just enjoy being outside and appreciating the scenery. You can do that too, it's not either/or.

  • You don't have to give up the forum😀 We are here to offer advice to make sure you don't get injured. On of the reasons the program works is because as others have stated you don't put too much pressure on your joints as you increase and that goes for any times or distances. The main aim is to help people to get out there safely and enjoy the sport. Sounds like you have that already so please keep coming back for the motivation and let us know how you get on with your parkrun goal.

  • The structure of the plan is great for those that need the structure and especially those (like me) who literally started from the couch. Sounds like you're pretty fit already and if you've found a way to run that suits your goals better and that you'll enjoy more, that's great! Don't be a stranger, let us know how it's going and 'enjoy you runs'😊

  • My observation is that those who are already quite (physically) fit do seem, ironically, to be those who struggle most with adhering to C25K.

    I can see that shoehorning another fitness programme into one that is already demanding might be altogether too much and not fun (although the NHS website offers a plan to do its Strength and Flexibility programme in tandem with its C25K programme, I reckon that's a bit 'bull at a gate' if you start both together). But if your aim is to run continuously for 30 minutes plus on a regular basis (which possibly it isn't), C25K is a reliable friend. I am not sure you have quite 'got' what it is about yet... it is as much about gently holding you back from overdoing it as pushing you on.

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