Tilly1 and The Terriers, W5R3 We Did It!

After having a wobble at the start of the week, not sure if I could manage W5R3, by yesterday morning (D-Day) I realised that I thought I COULD do it. And I, well me plus the 2 terriers, completed the run without stopping. Felt great afterwards and surprisingly not-tired. Now wondering if I should be running a bit quicker!

So, anyone who is worrying, have faith in Laura and the C25k plan. You have built up your stamina slowly and YOU CAN DO IT!

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  • Well done :)

    I hope by the time I get to W5R3 I feel the same, as in not tired!!

  • Good going, Tilly! Isn't that a wonderful feeling? Now you're "over the hump" and you ARE a runner....and so are those terriers (lol)!

    Have fun!

  • Thanks Grammadog, but I don't think I'm a runner until the end of this week, W6!

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