Couch to 5K

Deflated and Frustrated :(

Hey everyone.

Some kind of viral infection is kicking my butt and it is stopping me from running. Hell I can't even walk without getting a sweat on. Really worrying me, i was just about to do week 5 run 2 but really don't know when i am gonna be well enough to do it. Will I have to go back over the first run? Or even back a week? Not run for a week now and concerned my stamina/fitness is going backwards. :(

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I'm no expert but please don't try to run while you're unwell, your body is telling you to rest. When you feel well again, why not start from week 5 run 1 and see whether that's ok; if not, go back a bit. You will soon get back to where you were once you're well again I'm sure. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.


I know what it's like, I had a really bad cold a few weeks ago and now just getting over another. I found going back a week for each week missed was about right for me, so maybe go back to week 4 run 2 - you'll soon catch up, but I know it's fustrating!


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