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I’m so frustrated & deflated

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Hi all , apologies in advance for my miserable post . It’s now 4 & half weeks since my last run ( week 8 run 2 ) I’ve hurt my back 😩 and have been prescribed cocodamol, diazepam & now Tramadol . I am struggling mentally being so debilitated & am frustrated that I was only one week away from reaching the end of week 9 🥺

Anyway, moan over .... as soon as this back pain disappears 🤞 I’ll go back a few weeks & I’ll complete the programme. I hope you’re all doing well with your running goals 👍

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Hang on in there... you’ll be back. If you can do anything to keep fit that doesn’t aggravate the back, do it. The fitter you are at the comeback the easier it will be. Good to see you’ve got to the “not running sucks” stage too.

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That’s such hard luck. I would say though that your attitude and desire to get back out there will stand you in good stead. If you can, try and see a sports physio and see if there are any gentle exercises that could help. You were so close and you will be again. Been posting with a couple of people who’re on the Injury Couch and ways to get back in. One person has done a day from each week to ease back in and then settled a couple of weeks back from where they were to get a good build up to the end. With the spirit you’re showing you’ll be whizzing past me soon enough. And if you want to ease yourself back in slowly - here’s a video of a low impact running technique m.youtube.com/watch?v=9L2b2... I run this way all the time and love it. Hope it helps and here’s to a speedy recovery!

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HeleinGraduate in reply to DiscoRunner

I love this video and this method. I am going to try it out.

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nbanburyGraduate in reply to DiscoRunner

Excellent! My physio told me to try to up my cadence as a way of taking pressure off my hip - but not to necessarily run any faster - this seems the perfect solution!

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That’s a total pain for you, in every possible way ! But you’ll be back soon. Don’t fret about what you can’t do, because fretting aggravates the pain. Enjoy the things you can do, and remember we’re all still here cheering you on x

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I was wondering why We hadn’t heard from you for a while. So sorry to hear about your bad back and hopefully it gets better soon. I hope you can get off Tramadol soon, it’s not great for the mood.

You’ll soon be back on the running field, it will still be there for you so just take yoyr time to heal x

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I feel for you. Not long ago I had the same issue and posted on the forum. I think it was around wk8r1 also and my back just totally seized up. Was prescribed Diazepam and Co-codmaol, which took the initial jarring pain away but because I do have back issues, went to my physio who put me on a programme of exercises (no stretching) and within 6 days was back on the road (running) and now completed C25K. It's really important to allow yourself to recover properly. Best of luck - you CAN do it!

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Im a little frustrated as I’m having two rest days because I’m working and can not get a run in (I could run in the evening on Friday but people will see me). Goodness know how you feel waiting all that time but hey, these things happen and you will be back to it soon.

Morning Darcyduck Very frustrating for you to be on the IC and a big virtual hug on its way. W8R2 is a massive achievement and you will get there again and past the running post when you are recovered from your back injury. Now is the time for healing, physio, and appropriate exercise. I found Vidyamala Burch' pain management mindfulness exercises on youtube helpful, especially at night, and if nothing else Vidyamala an inspiration. You are a runner and you will run again when you are recovered. Be kind to yourself. SPx

Nowhere in the same level, but I’ve injured my calf. I’m desperate to get back to regular gym/ run sessions but I don’t want to make it worse. I just think as long as my attitude stays positive towards wanting to get back to it, then I’ll be fine. Hope you are on the mend. Xxx

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The runs will wait.. they always do... I have had over 12 weeks off running in the past... but still here still running. Take the pills and when you have finished them.. gentle walking and building back up.

Many of us do some or even all of C25K again... it can be fun, until we find the point where the legs say they are ready to do the week they were on!

Maybe pop across to the Strength and Flex site..there will be exercises or advice on what you may do to stay fit!

Meantime... new route planning.. a bit of running retail therapy and keep popping in here:)

Injuries are such a set back, but don't give up, get your back well first. I have a calf injury which is driving me mad only got 1 more run to do and I keep seeing lots of runners and want to get out there, but I am trying to be patient, health must come first. Keep your chin up, you'll be up and running in no time at all. xx

Your frustration is a positive thing, you want to get back to it, that's good. It shows you that you like it and want to carry on.

How amazing is that? I've started and stopped and completed the program again from about week 4 before.

Injuries are a grind but your passion for running will carry you through and when you start back you'll feel great again.

I feel for you, it’s so frustrating being on the i.c. Hang in there, recover well and see what other exercises you can do to keep your fitness levels ticking over.

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There aren't many long-term runners on this forum who have not had layoffs from running because of life or injury...........it happens and is part and parcel of being a runner.

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Are there things you can do, like swimming? I’m sorry you’re in pain 😞 you will get there. We will cheer you on!


I have the greatest admiration for people who set goals, work hard and achieve them with relative ease. I have even more admiration for those who face setbacks along the way, dust themselves off and get back to the task. Their achievement is even more extraordinary and admirable. And that's you! Wishing you the very best in completing the programme. X

It feels very lonely, when you can't run, but you are most definitely not on your own. I seem to be hopping on and off that flipping couch all the time. Lurking on the forum really helps, plus joining in from time to time! Lots of good advice to follow, and you will soon be running again. Have you been given any back strengthening exercises to follow? Oh, and I'd thoroughly recommend taking up Pilates as a long-term way of protecting your back 😊

Sorry to hear about your back issues. I totally get the frustration of steady progress, almost there, and then having a set back. I had a break for 5 weeks, and was mortified at the loss of condition. However now up and running again, and you will too. Make sure you recover, regroup and you'll be there before you know it.

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I was on the IC for four months and missed out on the race I had spent a year looking forward to so I understand your work, believe me.

However, I found that doing the entire programme from scratch again was the best thing ever! The combination of of knowing I could do it plus the "prior running experience" I brought to it made for a much more enjoyable and firmer foundation to go on then to 10k and beyond :) I was in no rush to graduate so really was able to concentrate on doing it all carefully and properly :)

Slow and steady works in the healing process also - and the road will still be there when you bounce back :)

Wishing you many happy miles in your future 🙂

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I’ll be on the IC with you. The slow jogging looks like s sensible way to get us back on the road. Good luck 🤞

A very good, open honest post with such interesting responses. You are doing the right thing, health first. All the best.

Hi yes these thing happen. Iv have tried to complete the 9 weeks 3 times and there is always something that crops up. However well done to you for getting so far. Once you back on your feet you will get back into it

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How is it going?

Hi Couchpotato2, my back is slowly improving, I’m no longer needing to take pain killers & I’m definitely moving better . I had a session with a physio last week & she could feel muscle spasms & said overall I had a tense lower back . She gave me a good massage . I have another appointment with her later this week . I’m hoping to continue gentle exercises & stretches for my back & if all is well I may be able to start running next week . Thank you for asking, I hope you’re well x

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Couchpotato2Ambassador in reply to Darcyduck

That sounds promising! Can you do yoga and pilates? Done in the right way they help stretch and strengthen the core. In any case I hope the appointment this week helps. I’m ok, probably off for a run tomorrow...

I have tried yoga & Pilates in the past & really enjoyed it so it may be something I could get back to . Enjoy your run tomorrow

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Couchpotato2Ambassador in reply to Darcyduck

I find them really complimentary to running. Good luck with it x

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