Couch to 5K

Change of mind set and it feels GOOOOOOOD!!

I have just recently had a change of mind set with regards to my jogging. I no longer leave the house thinking "Can I do 5K this morning?" I now leave the house SAYING "How long will it take me to do my 5K?"

It feels good but just a little bit scarey sometimes, what does the future hold for me when I get bored with this and want more!?! But until that happens I'm a happy little jogger :)

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A positive mindset can make all the difference! Just keep telling yourself that you CAN do it and you'll do it. :)


that's a great mindset...

Like you, I used to think "Will I run 5k this morning" but now, I think "Can I beat my personal best this time?" or "how far past 5k will I run?"


i need to find some of your positivity oldgirl...give me a kick up the butt!


Hi AliB1 have a look and see if its down the back of the couch, thats were I found my mojo when I lost it a few weeks back. Second option is buy a go faster cap!!! :)


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