It really is a mind game!

I graduated on the 11th of March and since then I've been doing the C25K+ podcasts, zombie running, swimming, walking and other stomach crunching exercise DVDs for 5x50.

I run really slowly and that's ok - it's faster than the couch - but I seemed to be stuck in that when I tried to pick up the pace I would feel breathless and the gremlins would tell me to stop. Most of my runs have been on the treadmill so I am very aware of the speed I'm going. I feel like I can run forever at 6kpm (after I've got the first horrible 10 mins over) which puts me at the blistering pace of 5k in 50 minutes :O

I've pushed it and managed 5k in 40 mins but I felt like it nearly killed me. I do seem to be better outside because I haven't got the benefit of the display to tell me exactly what I'm running and distractions are everywhere and very welcome (Zombies run is a good distraction as well!). While I was doing C25K I used to cover the display and just do as Laura told me but now I'm trying to run 5k for 5x50 I have to look so I see the speed and time and the gremlins queue up to tell me it's too hard :X

Tonight I got on the treadmill to do the speed podcast. When you fire it up it always defaults to mph, and I need to perform braille with the buttons to change it to kph but tonight I'd forgotten and set off with the brisk walk at 5mph - when I nearly fell off the back I realised my schoolgirl error. In order to switch you have to stop it and I couldn't be bothered, it was getting late and I just decided that I could adapt and tried to roughly guess the speed in order to carry on.

Soooo, to finally cut to the point of this blog (are you still awake?!)...I normally do the speed podcast at 6kph and 7 kph, but tonight, after converting my mph I have run at 7 and 9!!! I was puffing at the end and it was hard work but at no point did the gremlins's all in the head :D


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  • I couldn't agree more about it being 'in the head' That could've been me writing this blog !!

    I have gremlins that sit on my shoulder and tell me , 'You can't do it, it's too hard ' It took me a few years to realise that it is a mind game too. Even now I've had to revert back to repeating Laura's podcast for couch to 5 k (well week 9 on repeat) because trying Bridge to 10k encouraged me to introduce walking in between shorter runs (a habit i've been trying to break pre couch to 5K) .Anyway, sorry to ramble on.............. Well done xx

  • Oooh, I'm planning to do B210K when 5x50 is done. Not sure I'd like to go back to walking either :O The first 10 minutes are hard but then I get into my zone and can run (I use this term loosely! Power walkers go faster!) for as long as I like but if I stop it's game over!

  • Once the machine was in control there was no stopping you! Well done Khrissy :)

  • Thanks TJ, I just didn't know how fast I was going! The gremlins were obviously blissfully unaware as well ;-)

  • Well done! It really is all in the mind, isn't it ;) I had to giggle about the treadmill buttons, because I'm not very good at the speed control and sometimes I feel that it is controlling me rather than the other way around :D But you did it at a greater speed - well done!

  • Cheers Annie, your support is so encouraging with the 5x50 challenge, I know that sometimes it seems a bit fluffy and silly but when you're digging deep and struggling you do think of the peeps on here and imagine your next blog and it carries you through. I don't think I would have struggled on and graduated if I hadn't found this site

  • I've never been on a treadmill so I don't know how these things normally work but are you sure it's not in minutes per kilometre (that's how my Run Keeper app does it)? Just in case your normal pace of "6" is exactly 5km in 30mins ;)

  • Oh I wish it was trish but no, definitely 6kph! I think I'm built for stamina and not speed! It's the same with swimming, I can plod up and down the lanes and never get tired but I'm never going to break any records

  • Well done!

    I would defo try the speed podcasts outside and don't worry about how fast, just run faster when told to. I think it helps to have the slightly uneven terrain, too (although I made sure I was running down hill the first time I did it!)

    But that might be just me, as I don't enjoy running on a treadmill at all, I find it SUCH a grind :-( The speed podcasts did seem to help me pick up a bit overall though.

    However you do it, keep it up, you know you will overcome the Gremlins in the end, after all you graduated, didn't you? :-D

  • I'm definitely doing the next speed outside, will try and find somewhere flat and see just how fast I can do it without a pacemaker

  • try running outside - it's a funny thing but without the display of a treadmill you might find it easier doing the speed run. And have you thought about doing a park run - free 5k timed runs or a charity run?

    I did my first proper 5k a few months after graduation and it surprised me how much the excitement of running with other people helped me go just a tiny bit faster.

  • I'm trying to pluck up the courage and I know it's not a race but at this pace it would be embarrassing :O

  • Go Girl!! ;) Well done indeed and yes it is really much in the mind! I dont know how you can do it on a treadmill as I find them so boring personally so hats off to you! :)

    BTW, how are the abs??! :D


  • I was brave enough to do it again on Monday and it was just as hard but do-able and I even planked for 45 seconds! My abs are as hard as steel, they are just hiding behind the blubber ;-)

  • This is an amazing testimony! I love my treadmill - yes it can be boring but you just prepare by getting something interesting to do/listen to/watch whatever.

    I'm now outdoors for the summer (!) and always find it physically less demanding. Also, I guess if you were running the same route round the town you'd get fed up with that too - I certainly need to continually explore new routes.

    So,very well done on your achievement. If you're not sure whether it's mph or koh, make sure it's set to mph next timme. Your brain KNOWS you can do the mph rate, so see how you get on. I'm sure you'll be surprised.

  • Thanks Malcy, yes, I think you're right, running in mph will confuse the gremlins for a little while at least!

  • This is great Khrissy....I also have those nasty gremlins :) I was also very disappointed yesterday when I ran a real 5km and it took 52 minutes.....:( So now I'm going to work with the SPEED podcast and try and improve it. I don't want to be top athlete time but a respectable 40-42 mins would do :)

  • Rockchick, we are running 5K!!!! Let's just celebrate that. I don't care how slow we're doing it, we are doing it and it's amazing! It can only get better, the C25K+ podcasts will help with that and the support and encouragement on here

  • This is SO true :-)

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