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This running lark doesn't half change a person's mind-set!!

I wonder how many of us thought in the first week or two "Oh boy I can't do this" :( Then something happens to just about each and every one of us, we change our mind-set and before long we start looking forward to a new week and another new challenge of a greater distance or longer time. Each and everyone of us has to dig that little bit deeper to find that extra strength, stamina and endurance to come through. But reading all these blogs we all find that little bit more each time, sometimes we need a hand to hold onto to help us but thats what this site is all about. Helping hands for those that need it.

I love this place, there isn't a day goes by that I don't come on here and read your comments and about your achievements. Well done to those just starting out, keep in touch and let us know how you are progressing.

This site has achieved so much because its full of achievers :)

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I agree absolutely with what you've said. Six weeks ago I could hardly do the 8 x 60 second runs of Week 1, tomorrow I start the 3 x 25mins of Week 7!! Last night I signed up for Park Run and now have my barcode all ready to go, and today I downloaded a B210k program - craziness lol.

My original goal was to complete next week, now my goal is to run 10k

The Community is amazing, everyone has a similar exercise free background (more or less) and whenever you waver people are there supporting you - fantastic!!


You're so right Oldgirl. Now I've graduated (and the leisure centre decided my membership should restart, grr) I have made an exercise plan with classes, swimming, gym, and of course running on it. I can hardly believe how excited I feel at the prospect of doing all these active things! I could barely drag myself off the couch a couple of months ago (and didn't really want to).

Was it you I spoke to about Zumba? I've booked a class tomorrow morning and will wear my old, worn smooth, fairly slippy trainers. I hope my knees will play nice.


Well done on your exercise planning Legion I'm impressed. I bought zumba shoes because I found my trainers didn't allow for turning very easily and ended up with very painful knees. Zumba shoes are very light weight, flexible with quite a smooth sole which lets you slide, twist and turn quite easily. You can pick up a pair from Amazon starting at about £20 but try your trainers first you may find they are fine for you, my knees are a lot older than yours and one has had a problem due to torn cartilage many years ago when skiing. Hope you enjoy it, its my feel good exercise class, love it. :)


Couldn't agree more oldgirl. I find this forum invaluable. Reading peoples blogs always inspires me to continue and to move forward. And everyone is so willing to offer help, support and encouragement. I personally was gobsmacked by the amount of replies I received on something I wrote today!

What a place of positivity. I love this forum and also visit just about every day. Can't believe I didn't even know it was here about 3 weeks ago! :D


I agree oldgirl, I'm happier and less worried since starting running - can't say better than that!


Yep, my attitude towards exercise has totally changed and C25K is the ONLY programme I've ever managed to stick so well designed to help you physically and mentally, but also a huge thanks to people in the forum because it's fantastically inspiring to read all the positive comments and encouragement.

I started the course thinking 'I can't do this' and now I'm at week 8 and running my first 5K on Sunday....enough said!


Can't agree more:-)


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