Did it! Graduated! Feels epic!

Hi All,

First, Happy Mothers Day to all you Mums, hope you enjoy your day. :)

After spending some lovely time this morning with my small people... admiring beautiful homemade cards, bright daffodils and a new gadget (a Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS watch - who knew I'd ever be delighted to receive a sports gadget as a gift! ;) ) and enjoying breakfast in bed, I felt thoroughly spoilt and well loved.

These happy vibes came with me for my graduation run, something of a solo park run... A new route in my local castle grounds park, something a little special for W9R3. :)

Armed with my watch, partially charged out of the box, nice and easy for technophobe me to work, just simple data, a few buttons... excited to finally see my 'stats' at the end of the programme, there was a spring in my step throughout my very brisk warm up walk and eek, one press of a button and I was off and running...

Felt wonderful today, no grumps or stitches - phew! Got a nice steady rhythm after the first 5 minutes, enjoying the new views... The castle a stunning backdrop, staggered flower beds in bloom, daffs standing proud, waterfowl playing on the river, mums beaming on a leisurely Sunday watching their littleys toddling around... Perfect!

10 minutes Laura encourages, no worries I think, feeling great. Bleep my gadget said. Bleep. Bleep. I snuck a quick glance, keeping my ryhthm... Battery low it flashed. Uh oh. Will be fine I thought, only needs to keep going for 20 minutes. Little button press to dismiss - and onwards.

At 20 minutes, still slow and steady, breathing regular, all good. Little robin bobs from the hedge, a nod just for me, "Keep going Nat", he said.

Just 5 minutes to go Laura advises, I smile, I feel good today, head up high, back straight, focusing on the path ahead... "it's my graduation run", I want to shout! Picking up pace, I feel I can push myself today, I want to finish in style... for once! I sneak a peek at the gadget, 27 minutes, 36 seconds, 4.2K it tells me, angrily flashing it's empty battery symbol. Not too bad!, I think to myself.

Just 60 seconds Laura tells me, I pick up pace some more and do something of a sprint! And it's done, I feel proud, excited... I earnt my badge at last!

I slow down and go to press the stop button on the gadget - it's moment of truth, how far off the 5k am I? Blank screen. I don't believe it, it's died on me in the final minutes! I'll never know! I laugh out loud and don't mind too much - I was closer to the magic distance than I ever thought I'd be, still something of a snail, but a long way from those first weeks, puffing like a steam train and wanting to lie down on the pavement after 60 seconds!

So that's it, I'm done! This has been a truly wonderful experience, made all the richer and more possible by all of you, supporting, encouraging, chastising... Thank you all so much.

What's next? Charging the gadget! Then running 5k, perhaps trying to pick up pace and maybe even being brave enough for park run! I'll be taking my friend, Laura, with me and all of you, three times a week, for the foreseeable future. Running-scared isn't scared anymore!

Off to fetch a certain badge now... Then giving my small people some mum time. Enjoy your Sunday folks. Xxx


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  • Woohoo! Go you! Rather annoying the watch died on you in the final moments but perhaps it just wanted you to enjoy the moment of graduating rather than focusing on the stats ;) Sounds like you would not have been far off 5K which is very impressive for week 9.

    I've got the Forerunner 25, one model up from the 10, I umm'd and ahh'd over the features of the different models for ages but all I use on the 25 at the moment are the features the 10 has too! They are great little watches, hope you enjoy.

    Have a great rest-of-Mother's day, emphasis on the "rest" I hope!

  • Thank you! Good to hear you like your forerunner. I wanted something incredibly basic... As per what happened today, technology doesn't like me! ;) I'm sure it will be fine next time when fully charged. :)

  • Congratulations Nat. :) what a lovely post. And a shiny new graduation badge

    well earned to go with your mothers day cards (also well earned)

    Now the fun begins... all the more so when you get that forerunner sorted out.. :) :)

    Have a lovely day. x

  • Thank you! You take care of yourself and get rid of that lurgy x

  • Well done to you, huge congratulations and what a perfect day for you πŸ˜€

  • Thank you :)

  • Nat....Gianormous Congratulations!

    Wonderful run and a wonderful, wonderful post.

    What super gifts for Mother's Day too.

    You really, really deserve that lovely new Graduate badge. So pleased for you. :)

    Have a wonderful rest of the day with your small ones..I am off soon for afternoon tea party with my daughter and son in law, ( how posh is that?) tee hee!

    Have a good bask in the glory and I am looking forward to your next postsx

  • Thank you Floss. You enjoy that afternoon tea, sounds gorgeous. Hope you're feeling better now x

  • Certainly less scratchy throat.. think I will recover..cake may just help toox

  • I find that cake always helps Floss. :) x

  • Well done, Nat! Finished in style and now a shiny new badge next to your name! Whoop!

    Time seems really good as well, there's no stopping you now. Love it!

    Looking forward to your postgrad runs.

    Enjoy your time with your little ones!πŸ’πŸŽ

  • Thank you JaySee, happy to be in the grad lounge with you. Need you better quick though! PumpKims turn to graduate soon! x

  • Fabulous,well done you :) doesn't it just feel so good :)

    I am sure you will soon crack 5k :)

  • Thanks Rob, am definitely looking forward to cracking that 5k, hopefully will get there on next week's runs :)

  • Congratulations on your graduation! What a lovely post too, I still remember the buzz of my own graduation last year. Enjoy the rest of Mother's Day and charge up that new toy too! Here's to many more fantastic runsπŸ™‚,

  • Thank you Sandra, am still smiling! :)

  • I will reply more fully once I've stopped crying happy tears for you!! So fabulous..amazing post. What a way to finish line :) x

  • You'll be there soon enough, it's ace! Keep going x

  • Great run and brilliant report. :)

    Congratulations for your graduation and happy Mother's Day.

  • Thank you Saverio, it's exciting to have finally finished the programme. You're nearly there now too! Am cheering you and Julie onto the finish line! :)

  • Well done Nat! I'm super proud of you. Sounds like the perfect location for a graduation run. That badge suits you πŸ˜‰

    And what a wonderful gift for mothers day. How lucky are you?!

    Hot on your heels I'll be joining the elite next weekend all being well 😘

  • Thanks Kim :) yep, am a spoilt brat. Hope you had a lovely day with your little one.

    Am here, with Pom poms and prosecco, waiting for your badge day next weekend! Go Kim! :)

  • :) :) Congratlations :) :) and happy Mother's Day!

  • Thanks Bop :) x

  • Woohooo congratulations, you runner you πŸ˜€

  • Thank you :) Good luck to you with the programme, it really is fantastic, am so pleased I stuck it out. Will be rooting for you :)

  • Why thank you kind lady πŸ˜€

  • Fantastic Nat !

    Many Congratulations to you on your Graduation, what a brilliant achievement !

    Happy Running to you ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you Pops x

  • Congratulations. What a perfect day!

  • Thank you, it certainly was :)

  • Well done! Great story xx

  • Thank you :)

  • Yay! Well done Nat, you rock and what a lovely day to do it on. And what a great present too. Soooooooo pleased for you. Bask in the glory, just look at that Graduate badge :-) Really chuffed for you.

    After my dreadmill hiccup on Tuesday I ran yesterday, back in familiar territory, and it was ok. In theory that could've been my r3 but I decided to call it r2, don't feel I can honestly count Tuesday's efforts! So tomorrow (my 50th is the day for my graduation run, i hope!!) and then I can join you on the podium...

    Yay, go you! hx

  • Happy Birthday Hels Bels! I hope you get out and do this graduation thing, what a birthday present! Good luck :)

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