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Can't believe I've made it to week 5!

WOW, I've just done run 1 and have to keep pinching myself that I've managed to run (ok, shuffle!) for 3 lots of 5 mins... I can't believe this is the same person that struggled to run for 60 seconds a few weeks ago...

Am a bit apprehensive about the rest of the week, Laura seems to really 'ramp it up' in terms of length of run, but unless I give it a go I won't know what I'm actually capable of will I?

Roll on Wednesday :)

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Well done and be positve, week 5 seemed impossible but I trusted Laura telling me I could do it and kept going. such a great feeling once you complete each run.

Keep going.


Well done! You're right - the programme is so well designed, that you WILL do it, and you're more than capable!

I've just started week 7 and can't believe I've kept it all up!


Well done and look at my recent Blog post - Tilly1 and The Terriers :)


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