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Race for life 5k...33minutes! WHOOP!

Well I started on this plan 9 weeks ago and it was a real struggle to run the 60 seconds to start off with. Have slowly worked my way through the plan with my dog - hence the Team Tia name - and I entered the Race for Life so I knew I would have a goal and to keep me motivated.

I won't say its been easy but it has been massively rewarding and life changing even. Running has given me something that other exercise hasn't and the fact that I can share it with and exercise my hyperactive dog at the same time is a massive bonus. I now can't wait to get my trainers on and get outside and run my socks off!

I managed to run the whole 5k in 34 minutes a few weeks ago but then was ill for a week with a stomach bug and have really struggled to keep going since.

However - today was race day and I was massively excited and very nervous as I get anxious in crowds and don't like anyone watching me do things and so far all my running has been just me and the dog and not another human in sight! So running with 1499 other ladies was very daunting indeed! I had moral support from my son's paternal grandmother who is a well seasoned runner. The whole day from start to finish was totally amazing. It was very emotional but also so much fun with a lot of people dressed up and no pressure to run if you couldn't.

The course was over different surfaces and about half of it through very waterlogged long grass fields which was hard going but I kept up with Supernan and the encouragement from specaators and the wonderful marshalls was amazing and finally there was the finish line!

Briefly glanced up and saw 33 minutes something as we held hands up in a victory wave. Such a great feeling! Massively pleased with my medal and the fact that I have raised over £100 for the charity.

We then walked around the course clapping and cheering for the other joggers and walkers.

Oh what a day - thinking back to 9 weeks ago - I'm amazed at how far this training plan has brought me and I would say I have been bitten badly by the running bug!

On to bigger and longer runs now! So anyone out there reading this - just keep going - you have bad weeks and good weeks - but stick with it and you will get there just like me and feel amazing! :-)

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Well done TeamTia an amazing achievement. You did a great time (I am always slightly jealous of everyone that can run faster than me) and overcome running in a crowd,. You should be rightly proud of yourself :)


Wow, congratulations on a good time


What an amazing time you did that is brilliant.


Team Tia..fantastic!! What an amzing time 33..and what an amazing experience!


I could feel your excitement. Brillant achievement! Super time.


Well done, such great news. Onwards and upwards as they say :)


thank you all! I never ever thought I could be a runner - running for the bus used to be a big no-no as it was far too embarassing! xx


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