W6R3 what does it involve?

Using an iPhone app from Zen Labs and it told me to run for 22 minutes today. However this link c25k.com/c25k_treadmill.html says it should be 25 mins today then 25 mins every day next week (w7). I did a total of 45 mins on the treadmill running for a total of 26 mins so I have exceeded the activity but wondering what the plan actually is?

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  • It is 25 mins straight for W6R3 on the Laura plan x

  • Oh dear, I could've done that as well, damn you Zen Labs! I carried on walking fast though, and did five minutes up hill walking then 3 minutes extra running so I will still kid myself I have met the plan.3 x 25 next week then, at least that's clear. If I were to try for and manage 3 x 30m next week could I consider myself an early Graduate? I reckon that would be within my ability level given the extra i have been doing during the programme

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