Help Re-doing week four

Hi, we need a bit of help, me and my husband have completed week four but my husband has been suffering with shooting pains up his shins, so last week we paused a couple of times to stretch. I also have fibromyalgia and want to pace it so I build strength and stamina and so we want to re-do week four. Has anyone done this and if so how do you reset the week without the whole programme? We are going tomorrow! thank you :D


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  • There's no problem repeating runs or weeks if you use the podcast, rather than the app. I am sure someone come along to help with your problem.

  • I had to redo several days, but they became less and less as I progress :)

  • Just repeat, it's no rush to the end. Also, could you be walking too fast? If I do, that's when i get shin splints

  • That's so interesting RWD, I've never made that connection but it makes so much sense. Every day's a school day, as they say x

  • It became painfully obvious when I ran with a colleague who walks at an incredible pace, whereas I'm a plodder. I suspect this is the reason many people get them early in the program as it encourages a brisk pace.

  • Thank you all. Have two young people at home so will ask them about the podcast! Husband is away this morning and he has text to say pain was too much on last run. I've done it through a thunder storm with some lovely rain to cool me. Found a day we had used husbands phone so it was still in run on mine. Glad I've repeated. 1 more to go,

    Thanks so much for your help.

  • Slow down a bit and check shoes perhaps? Also try to avoid hills and inclines. You could always try the NHS strength and flex podcasts alongside the C25k ones on your rest days?

  • Thanks Melly, I have had a look and pass it onto hubby too. There's a slight incline on one side of the pitch we run around and down the other,but nothing too much. Many thanks

  • Hi Happy-Hemmo,

    Sorry to hear about your hubbys shin pain. Suggest make sure he is drinking enough water during the day and after a run as muscles need it to avoid cramping.

    He could try exercises for the calf muscles which are toe lifts and heel drops. When warmed up, stand feet a few inches apart and go up on your toes, hold for a couple of seconds and release. (You can hold onto something for support) do a few times and one foot at a time if you like.

    Heel drops you stand on a step or stair (as if you are going up) ,with your heels poking off the step and gently lower your heels a bit, hold and return to level. Repeat a few times and do one foot at a time if you like.

    This helped me when my lower legs felt stiff and sore from running.

    I haven't had 'shin splints' which is what it sounds like your hubby has, but it may be worth checking to make sure his running shoes are suitable for his gait if you haven't already.

    It is important not to run too quickly, a gentle jog is all thats needed. You are learning to run for a prolonged time (30 mins by the end of the plan) and you will find that if you take it slow and steady your breathing will begin to fall into place and it all becomes much easier.The slower the better...

    Hope this helps and good luck.😊

  • Thank you, they are all really good ideas and we will both try the stretches. He has been to a foot specialist after week 1 and was diagnosed with 1 leg 6mm shorter than the other. He was given adjustment and had trainers and gait checked, for a period things were better but as soon as he hits the 3 min mark this pain starts. We are only running on grass to reduce impact too. I don't think there is much chance we are going too fast, but on Friday I will double check and show him your comments tomorrow. Thank you so much.

  • Hi Happy-hemmo,

    Sounds like you have been doing all the right things to try and sort out your hubbys painful shins. Presumably the foot specialist gave him the go ahead to carry on running.

    It will be a shame if he can't run for the three minutes or more intervals. Maybe he could stick with Week 3 for a bit longer if this is totally manageable and repeat a few more times to build strength, but if this is too painful then he should seek medical advice again.

    You should carry on running though... sounds like you enjoy it.😊

  • It is fine to repeat runs at any point in the programme. I haven't experienced the shin splints so can't advise specifically on that. I do have an Epsom salt bath once a week which is great for aches generally. I also roll out the calf and thigh muscles before and after each run. I use a plastic hand held roller which looks a bit like a rolling pin and was bought from amazon. I haven't had any muscle aches since doing these 2 things so I think they're generally good things to incorporate into your running lifestyle. Hope your husband's shin troubles are short-lived. It is great that you are running together.

  • That's really helpful thank you! I will have a look, thanks bop

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