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Week 4 Worries

I'm due to start week 4 tomorrow and I'm starting to worry about it. I was really pleased that I managed to get through all 3 week 3 runs without stopping (which I didn't manage in weeks 1/2!) but I honestly don't think I could have taken another step at the end! Plus, I was definitely "running" slower than I was walking as my route was much shorter than in week two, or even week one! But reading through everyone's comments, I know that pace is less important than just carrying on! Good job really!

I think I'm going to give Week 4 a try tomorrow morning, but might need to go back to week 3 first if it proves too much. We'll see! Still looking forward to it, weirdly!


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Good luck with week 4. For me it was about trying to keep my beathing as calm and steady as I could. Once I did this I got there. Enjoy your run.


I'm due to start W4 this week too and feel just the same as you. I did manage the previous weeks without stopping but it seems like such a huge step up in running time and such a huge cut to recovery time this week.

I've also covered less distance in W3 but I'm not going to worry about that so long as I'm "running".

Good luck!


you will do just fine, take it very easy and relaxed, you'll surprise yourself :)


Let us know how you got on! Am also starting Week 4 tonight and 5 mins sounds like an eternity......Good Luck!


Hi everyone, thanks for your comments! I did Week 4 run 1 this morning and unbelievably managed to do it! (Nearly...) I flaked out for 90 seconds during the final 5 minutes but I was so so happy anyway, I didn't think I'd manage anywhere near that much of it! Fully expected to not get through the first 5 min run, let alone the other 3 and 5 ones!! I thought I was about to die at the half way point of the first 5 min run but kept going and the next couple of minutes seemed to pass really quickly! Think my pace has improved a tiny bit from last week too though i'm not worrying about that too much! Can't wait to get out on Thursday again now!

Katsmeat and SammyJo - good luck with starting week 4, if I can do it I'm sure you'll be fine!!


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